“Za mama” find the road that suits oneself to become beautiful finally, how does Zhang Xiaofei become beautiful?

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Zhang Xiaofei’s coat is sold out online.Zhang Xiaofei eye shadow, makeup artist to make up.Boy, mom is no problem at the top of the pile, and it’s true that she comes to passersby for photos and looks radiant.However, there was a time when mom had a smoky eye and Barbie powder that wasn’t mainstream.The girls are either princesses or matt killers, compared to today’s makeup, it can only be said that the era of aesthetic progress.Zhang Xiaofei has a smooth face, delicate features, thick nose and delicate jaw.Best method reduces the saturation of makeup look namely, increase eye shadow administrative levels feeling, brush long eyelash, draw the outline of eye end, improve the delicacy of makeup look, beautify the eye to the largest, improve visual center.Deserve to go up again inclined cent big wave, the lasting appeal of mature female minute takes out.That stick to the scalp of the straight hair do not know who is made, cut down, the face is too long!Highlight features, but magnify defects.Compare darling fasten melting makeup look, zhang Xiaofei takes the look that feels slightly, be destined to walk big female advocate course, those relatively conservative dress does not go wrong but also do not give prize.Switch to a dress with a sense of design, instantly bright and glamorous.Don’t forget!She was a 170 meter dress rack, excellent figure, well-proportioned, long enough legs, and excellent enough neck and shoulder lines, which were worth showing off.In the color system, she also avoids the lovely clash of colors, pure black, camel, khaki these advanced colors, turquoise also set her more delicate.She has found her own path and will shine and continue to shine.