Zhang Qingwei visited yongzhou condolence, supervision and research on production safety

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Qing-wei zhang in yongzhou visits condolences, supervision and safety in production of research emphasizes the positive practice centered on people’s thought to the development of the provincial people’s live a stable and peaceful New Year hunan daily January 24 – (all media reporters Deng Jing Jin) 24, secretary of the provincial party committee, the standing committee of the provincial qing-wei zhang, director of the research in which, to the grassroots visits condolences,Supervise and inspect safety production, investigate and investigate the work of winter power supply.He stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of important instructions and instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Hunan, actively practice the idea of people-centered development, and send the care and warmth of the Party and government to thousands of households, so that the people in hunan can enjoy a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.Xie Weijiang, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary General of CPC Provincial Committee attended.(On January 24, Zhang Qingwei supervised work safety at the Yongzhou power plant.)Yongzhou Power Plant, located in Luhong Town, Dong ‘an County, is the first one million kw generating unit in our province.Zhang Qingwei went deep into the main control room, the engine room, carefully check to understand the power supply, safety production and other work.Knowing that the operation of the power plant has provided strong support for hunan’s peak-peak winter power supply, he said happily that you have made efforts and contributions to optimizing the energy structure and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, which has boosted the confidence of enterprises in their development.It is hoped that Yongzhou will continue to care for and support the development of enterprises, continue to deepen cooperation around core capabilities, improve power supply security capabilities, and promote high-quality economic development.Qing-wei zhang stressed that it is always safe production this alert, to carry out the enterprise production safety responsibility, role and responsible earnestly, to strengthen the emergency duty unattended, pays special attention to the safety regulation for key fields, check leakage fill a vacancy, eliminate hidden dangers in time, effectively prevent and curb production safety accidents, ensure that all the work during the festival the normal and orderly operation.(January 24, Zhao Jiajing village, Luhong Town, Dong ‘an County, Zhang Qingwei and the needy people zhang Yuqing friendly exchange.)Zhang Qingwei was very concerned about the lives of the destitute Party members and the masses.In zhao Jiajing village, Luhong town, Dong ‘an County, zhang Qingwei and Zhang Yuqing’s husband and wife communicated cordially.Knowing that the couple were strong and self-reliant, Zhang encouraged them to strengthen their confidence to provide their next generation with good education and stop the transmission of poverty from generation to generation.Zhang qingwei pointed out that on the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, we should always maintain close ties with the people, increase assistance to those living in difficulties, implement policies and measures such as subsistence allowances, implement the CPC Central Committee’s care for the poor and promote common prosperity for all people.We should strengthen community-level infrastructure, give full play to the role of community-level Party organizations, and handle the people’s affairs as our own.We should pass on the traditional virtues of respecting the elderly and cherishing the young, promote core socialist values, and foster good habits of moving up and being good.On January 24, Zhang Qingwei communicated with Chen Lusheng, a veteran party member, in xiahe Line community, Lingjiaoshan Street, Lengshuitan District.Chen Lusheng is a retired party member with more than 60 years of party experience.Zhang Qingwei came to his home and asked about his health and family situation, wishing him peace, health and happiness.Outside the winter rain, inside the happy, permeated with the Party and the government and the people’s heart of friendship.Zhang qingwei stressed that party organizations at all levels and party members and cadres in the province should constantly consolidate and expand the achievements of party history study and education, inherit the red gene, keep in mind the original mission, and continuously gather the spirit of forging ahead.We need to care for senior Party members and party members who are in difficulty, and help them solve practical difficulties with meticulous care and empathy so that they can feel the care and warmth of Party organizations.