After breaking up with his roommate, the boy took it out on his roommate and hit 28 hammers

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Lovelorn is a very painful thing, also make people confused, as if their most valuable things have been robbed of the same, do not know where to go next.But no matter how painful, no matter how confused, do not hurt yourself, hurt others.Otherwise, it will only lead to bigger trouble, which will be regretted too late, as a case in Jiangsu province has shown.A man who smashed 28 hammers at his roommate after being broken up mistakenly thought he was dead and fled, only to discover ten years later that he had faked his own death.In the early morning of January 18, 2009, working in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province, Lu lay in the factory rented house, sleeping soundly.Dream also meimei thinking of a sleep up can go home for the New Year, hard for a year, for these days of reunion.How can he not beautiful, but also miss just made five or six thousand yuan salary, buy new clothes, New Year’s goods are enough.However, he did not expect that his roommate’s momentary thought not only cost him money, but also nearly lost his life.”The hammer to the temple, from the temple to the end, twenty-eight!”As he fell asleep, Roh felt a sharp pain on top of his head. He tried to open his eyes, but his eyes were blurred by blood.Dimly saw the murderer’s figure, very much like his roommate Yu, from Hubei Province because he worked in the same factory became a roommate.However, they have not been roommates for a long time, and because they are not in the same department, they do not have much contact with each other.Lu mou can not understand no hatred no resentment, how he would play such a violent hand, just in the survival instinct began to play dead.Seeing killed people, Yu some panic, quickly dragged the “body” after the house in the river grass.Hastily covered with mud and grass, ran back into the house and disappeared into the night.Lu saw him leave, struggled to climb nearby for help, and later found that Yu took lu’s clothes and five or six thousand yuan wages.So at the beginning, people suspected yu mou is for money, but the incident in 2009 monitoring equipment is not perfect.The police failed to find useful clues nearby, and the family was shocked to hear that their hometown in Hubei had disappeared.Yu mou did not reveal any information to the family, after the crime did not go back, do not know his death.Since then, it has been ten years since Yu disappeared, and the pain he brought to Lu has never disappeared.Roh stayed in the hospital for a month and went home for six months due to medical expenses, making him unable to do heavy work.Head sometimes still pain, life is very difficult, until yu was arrested did not have a wife and children.He recalled countless times when the incident dribs and drabs, looking forward to an early arrest yu mou, want to ask him what is for.In October 2019, Shanghai police found Yu through the dynamic comparison system, and Suzhou police rushed to the scene to arrest him.The truth of the matter came to light. It is said that he did not hit Roh for money at the beginning.At that time Yu mou’s girlfriend has been pregnant, two young themselves are not alive, they discussed the child aborted.Can yu Mou even abort cost gather together not neat, via this cummer feels to follow him also won’t have much good development, cool heart put forward to part company.Yu mou immersed in the grief of brokenhearted, ran to drink to drown his sorrows, drunk by the strength of the wine to spread anger in roommate Lu mou body, thought lu mou hit to death before deciding to abscond with money.Have to say, Yu’s behavior is ridiculous, he was broken up because he did not have money for an abortion is their own thing.Why take it out on Lou when he probably doesn’t even know how he broke up with her?Such a move would be both illegal and irrational, and if not guilty in this case, he would probably be guilty for other reasons.It can be said that harm and harm yourself, Lu originally had a good life, without this matter he is also looking forward to a safe return home to marry a daughter-in-law.But because of the impulse of yu mou, fell a lifelong disability, a pain does not say there is no girl willing to marry.His life can be said to have been completely destroyed by the 28 hammer, as for Yu, not much better.Ten years of guilt, fear of arrest, wandering around Shanghai.They spend most of their time either under Bridges or in Internet cafes in parks, afraid to find a decent job, rent a house or go home.Only once back to hubei home, or secretly back, a far look at his mother.Also can not live a normal life, Yu confessed after the arrest, he did not sleep for ten years.Regret unceasingly, always feel oneself killed, worship at least twice a year.Afraid of lu mou ghost to find him account, so even if no money, hungry belly also want to burn some money to Lu mou.When the police said lu was still alive, Yu had a feeling of relief, he finally did not have to bear the pressure of killing.A mistake, absconding ten years, yu Mou still have to bear due legal responsibility for their crimes.Article 87 of the Criminal Law stipulates that a person who evades investigation or trial after a people’s procuratorate, public security organ or state security organ has filed a case for investigation or accepted a case by a people’s court shall not be subject to the limitation of the prosecution period.And at the beginning of the Yu mou if just angry hit Lu mou, then its behavior will constitute intentional homicide, but he also took money to abscond after hitting the hammer, so its behavior will constitute robbery.At present, the police on robbery will be criminal detention, the specific sentence is unknown.Article 263 of the Criminal Law stipulates that whoever robs public or private property by violence, coercion or other means shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined;If the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death and shall also be fined or be sentenced to confiscation of property.One of the serious circumstances including household robbery, robbery caused serious injury, that is to say, Yu mou will face at least 10 years of imprisonment charges.