In 2021, the top 10 cities of “night economy” will be released, and Tianjin will be ranked 10th in the comprehensive score of China. What do you think

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This is Tianjin Travel Products, tianjin local we media, thank you for your attention, wish everyone a happy New Year.The top 10 cities in China for night economy influence in 2021 have been announced in Beijing.The list evaluates the influence of a city’s night economy from different dimensions and ranks tianjin in 10th place based on the overall score.The remaining top 10 cities were Chongqing, Changsha, Qingdao, Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.At the same time, the “2021 China’s So-called Night Economy Influence Report” evaluated the night economy of 60 districts and counties for the first time, and selected the top 20 districts and counties, among which Tianjin Hongqiao district was ranked.As we all know, night economy is an important part of urban economy, and also an indicator to measure the vitality of a city at night.As early as 2019, Tianjin vigorously promoted the development of the urban night economy, and all districts of the city began to build new night markets and new business areas to make the night economy more dynamic.These include five new night markets that opened in 2019.Such as hongqiao District Canal Xintiandi night market outdoor movies;Xiqing District combined with allergy commercial street to create retro national night market;Canal food street in Ninghe District;In hexi District, MCC and Yuehui “seven eighths” market bring together Russian, Indian and other world snacks;Heping District five Avenue municipal night economy demonstration block and so on.With the development of the city’s night economy, Tianjin has built 17 night economy demonstration blocks, including not only the night markets of each district and county, but also a lot of Internet celebrities and scenic spots, such as Tuke Town, Wisdom Mountain Coffee Market, Sunac Tiantuo, Drum Tower and other places, as well as many night market activities such as beer festival and food festival.The development of urban night economy not only brings economic growth, but also adds more than one thousand scattered jobs, solving the employment problem of some people.At this time, some friends may ask “2021 Chinese city night economy influence top 10 cities” how to choose.The research team evaluated the influence of the night economy of 30 cities through different methods such as big data analysis and field investigation, and finally selected the ranking of the top ten cities with the influence of night economy.The selection fully combines big data and other tools to analyze target cities from the five dimensions of night economy communication, innovation, growth, industrial scale and business circle flow.At the same time, according to the development characteristics of night economy in different cities, night economy in cities can be divided into three types: innovation-leading type, characteristic pioneering type and potential enhancement type.Although Tianjin ranks 10th in the country according to the comprehensive score, there is a gap in night economy development compared with other 9 cities, but this does not mean that Tianjin is inferior to them.Tianjin itself is a city full of innovation. Compared with other cities, there is no lack of innovation in urban night markets and tourist attractions.In addition, on the construction of net red punch, Tianjin also selected the city’s ten net red punch, each net red punch has its own characteristics.In recent years, major cities have taken night economy as a breakthrough point. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other four first-tier cities have continued to inject innovative elements into the development of night economy by combining with urban business circles. Even new first-tier cities have combined local tourism characteristics to create their own urban night economy and enhance the vitality of the city.However, it has to be said that the essence of night economy is not night market, but night market is the manifestation of night economy. In addition to night market, there are also tourist scenic spots, urban network red card, pedestrian street business circle and so on, which are the components of urban night economy.Finally, what do you think of tianjin’s 10th place in the influence of urban night economy in China? Welcome to leave comments.For more exciting content, come to Jinmen Travel products