A massage at a physical therapy shop was “pressed” into the hospital

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Xiangtan Online February 11 – (Xiangtan Daily all media reporter Zhong Jiashen) this thought of physiotherapy shop massage to relax, did not expect to be “press” into the hospital.A few days ago, Ms Chu xiangtan county to our hotline to reflect their own experience.”Halfway through, I suddenly realized I couldn’t move the right side of my body.”Recalling the scene at that time, Ms Chu could not help but be afraid.Ms. Chu, 53, recently bought a massage package at a physical therapy shop in The town of Wuhe in Xiangtan County.During a massage, she suddenly found that one side of her body could not move. The employee called 120 and chu was taken to Xiangtan Central Hospital for treatment.After diagnosis, Ms. Chu is due to improper massage techniques, resulting in soft tissue contusion on the back.After a period of treatment, Ms. Chu was able to walk slowly with help, but she still needed to be discharged from hospital for rest and take medication-assisted treatment.”Before sending to the hospital, the physiotherapy shop let me pay for treatment at my own expense, according to the hospital diagnosis, how to compensate for compensation.”Chu said she paid 13,000 yuan in advance for the treatment, but when her husband went to the shop with a diagnosis certificate, the shop was only willing to cover part of the cost.”If the hospital can prove that Ms. Chu’s physical damage is really caused by the massage and has nothing to do with her own disease, Ms. Chu can ask the physiotherapy shop for full compensation through communication and negotiation.”Hunan Renren (Xiangtan) law firm lawyer Chen Caihong said that if after communication and negotiation, the physiotherapy shop is not willing to compensate, Ms Chu can with the relevant evidence, complain to the market supervision administration, or file a lawsuit to the court.After coordination, the physiotherapy shop was willing to bear all the treatment costs, and the conflict was resolved.>> Return to xiangtan online home page