Fenghui village joy more than spring Walking grassroots

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Fenghui Village, Huiwen Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province, is a well-known overseas Chinese village. There are 356 families in the village, and every family has overseas Chinese.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the reporter came to the village of 90-year-old Lin Tingchun’s home, with the elderly together.Haven’t entered the door, I heard waves of frolic sound.It turned out that Lin Tingchun’s 3-year-old great-grandson, Lin Zirui, and 7-year-old great-granddaughter, Lin Miaoyu, were setting off fireworks in the yard.On the table at home, wenchang family photo, Wenchang chicken, braised fish and other delicious dishes.At the dinner table, everyone began to talk.The old man’s eldest son Lin Rigang planting black gold just lotus fog, before the price is good, the purchase price once reached more than 20 yuan a jin, 50 acres of lotus fog orchard, a year down to have nearly 1 million yuan of income.Lin Rigang told reporters: “Now there is money, after the New Year to increase some agricultural equipment, to achieve intelligent management.”Fenghui village has a tradition of processing sugar gong. Lin Rixi, the youngest son of the old man, told the reporter: “Our sugar gong has been ordered out early, and the price is better than last year. In January alone, we earned about 100,000 yuan.”While talking, Lin Zhuoyuan, an overseas Chinese returning to the village for the Spring Festival, visited Lin Tingchun’s home with his family and asked in the kitchen in Hainan dialect: “Is the chicken fat this year?”The daughters-in-law in the home laughed and answered: “Fat!Every family in our village will have a good harvest this year!”Laughter ripples in the Lin courtyard, also ripples in the Phoenix village.