Henan Spring Festival Gala reproduces the circle name scene, netizens: culture “inner coil king” online

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The 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala will take “home” as the core theme and create the concept of “year universe” to prepare a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner for everyoneThe evening party from a second through the Tang dynasty “national color tianxiang” dance interpretation of Bai Juyi, Di Renjie, Shangguan Waner and other 11 datang man of the moment exquisite dance portray legendary characters about the peony snow in full bloom of the beautiful legend to creative pull full, quiver DNA “The Year of the Tiger wild ring song” then play music then dance!In the back of the kitchen,Antechamstring symphony orchestra, electric music team, folk orchestra recombine and perform more than 20 pieces of classic music with a sense of time, there is always one of your memoriesTo the Yellow River mud doll with children of the original materials and vivid as the foundation depth reduction when children naivety and colorful variety of childhood game scene for scenarios cause generations across time and space warm memories of the party staged one by one, let the audience feel surprise programs broadcast once the net friend has been boiling “henan gala culture within the volume king” “henan gala fancy revealed the plot” and other topics on the micro”My New Year flavor is back!””We saw the childhood” “cultural volume king” “a word: incense!”Xiao Mei tang: Xiaobian, we do not have a name?Xiaobian: Yes, and you!The Henan Spring Festival Gala from last year’s Henan cultural programs hatched a series of IP image Tang Xiaomei, Luo God, King Kong together to replace the host become an important series of roles to bring you into the wonderful infinite “year universe” in the lovely doll of the inverted hand holding hands fan a large number of netizens