LPL Rookie fan operation watch ning Wang, Ning Wang: Isn’t he sending?

2022-05-05 0 By

When it comes to a professional game that league of Legends players are most concerned about, it seems to the small edition that the majority of league of Legends players who regularly watch the game will immediately think of the ongoing LPL Spring Game. LPL Spring Game is one of the most valuable professional games in our LPL division.After the opening, it instantly became the focus of attention of countless netizens. During the period, the fierce confrontation between many top teams also greatly improved the quality of the LPL spring competition, presenting a lot of wonderful game scenes to players.Believe that focus on the players in the spring of the LPL all know, teeth live platform as the only one who has the sole information access platform for the games live, in order to give players a better viewing experience, specially invited many professional players in person in two ways, like on January 20th, RA team and V5 team, OMG clan and BLG team during the game,Professional player Ning Wang himself sat on the second road, the whole OB commentary that day’s game., a spade a spade ning wang on the day of the work is too hard, not only to explain, but also busy and barrage of air battle, with the barrage during “her hero mechanism”, “male knife is good to play her” multiple topics such as several rounds of debate with the barrage, remember after see barrage game evaluation,King Ning immediately shook his head and said, “Open your mouth and come, I doubt what you and I are playing is not the same game, or I am in another space.” Afterwards, King Ning also joked that the barrage is invincible. If you reply to him, he will say that he caught it on purpose.Then in the commentary of the match, when THE team fight between TEAM RA and team V5 was seen, TEAM RA chased V5 and the rookie had already fled. As a result, the portal suddenly passed to the PLAYER of team RA and sent his head out. Ning Wang immediately laughed and then fell silent after a “ah”.Now the game is still going on. What interesting commentary will Ning Wang bring to the players in the future?Let’s wait and see!