Net legend in and wei Espionage drama boot, supporting actor is a strong, Liu Yunlong casting is too great

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Spy dramas have always been in short supply in the domestic drama market. In 2021, “Rebel” made a big splash, but some audiences still miss the spy ceiling of Domestic dramas.”The Message” and “Lurk” are classics that cannot be surpassed.For now, it’s jin Dong’s spy drama “The Departed” that has the potential to rival the ceiling.However, audiences did not expect the news of a new play by Yu Hewei, another capable actor, before jin Dong’s The Departed had been booked.It has been reported that yu Hewei’s spy drama Kick off production on February 19.Today, “Zha Zha city” also really outflow boot Reuters, which also indirectly proved about the TV network cast.And from the point of view of the cast and crew, “Kick – powerful city” can not broadcast the first fire also in the reasonable.At present, although the TV series has just started, but the audience who like Yu Hewei are ready to receive the psychological preparation of word-of-mouth drama.Subject matter positioning online, production team to sufficient audience confidence from the “zha City” early plot synopsis, the probability of TV drama will highlight the double male main plot line.Synopsis of a pair of brothers Ling Yunzhou, Ling Yuezhou should be respectively by Liu Yunlong and Yu Hewei.In the setting, Ling Yue state when brother, is undercover in the puppet government comrade.And Ling Yunzhou learns to return, in elder brother’s help ascend to Shanghai finance circle below, use knowledge and mind to enter pseudo government to work.Obviously, these two brothers, walking on the blade, but fighting for the people and beliefs of comrades.Compared to the leading man in a spy drama, Kick Ass already feels like a gang.What’s more, in addition to the texture of the synopsis, Kick – Powerful has been made with complete sincerity.Chief director Liu Yunlong can be said to be a spy in the genre.He directed and starred in the TV series “Dark Plot”, so far has been a 9 points success on Douban list.Whether as an actor or a director, Yoo is a strong guarantee.In addition, the early message of “Kick-kick” was that there were a-list directors and a-list writers.Liu Yunlong as a director has been determined, screenwriter Wang Hailin of course also basic reliable.Although It is true that Wang Hailin has not produced any masterpieces in the past two years, his criticism of xiao Fresh Meat and dog drama on the Internet has been recognized by many netizens, which also reflects his professional ability and thinking ability as a scriptwriter.At least in the creation of explosive style and topic degree, I am afraid it is difficult to have screenwriters to do so famous Wang Hailin.All in all, the odds are pretty good for Kick Ass, based on the genre and the cast.And on top of that, he has the blessing of a cast.Liu Yunlong partner in and Wei, special play is the real power of the spy drama plus Liu Yunlong starring in fact has let the audience call straight “absolutely”, after all in the classic spy drama, Liu Yunlong is almost inseparable characters, contracted “Kite”, “informant” and so on the audience are willing to review the work.It is no exaggeration to say that Liu Yunlong is the golden sign of domestic spy drama, with him, there are audiences willing to buy it.And this time and Liu Yunlong partner starring Yu Hewei, is also recognized as a solid actor.Coming out in 2021, age of Awakenings, Armageddon and Ideal City are all bad shows.In particular, Yu Hewei starred in the Awakening Age, as a word-of-mouth explosion, so that Yu Hewei’s reputation shock, quickly out of the circle.In retrospect, his portrayal of Mr. Zhong Fu is definitely the most brilliant version in the film and TV series.Liu Yunlong’s pairing with Yu Hewei is a battle of strength, just thinking about the two of them can make the audience look forward to.Besides these two, there are also supporting actors, so the audience can not refuse.In 2022, a film called “The World” showed all the strengths of Lei Jiayin.In the play, he is kind and honest, and gains favor.Now the word of mouth of The world is still ferment, audiences recall lei Jiayin and Ding Yongdai in the drama in the scene, but also his role of Zhou Bingkun heartbroken.In the play, he released his repressed feelings for many years by saying with tears, “I’m the only one who can do nothing.”But the audience love dearly is to pay for the family of Zhou Bingkun, clearly for the zhou family pay the most, but was not good words zhou Zhigang tied to the heart.In the shaping of Zhou Bingkun, Lei Jiayin is simple and honest, simple, now he wants to participate in the shooting of “Zha Zha city” as a special actor, from the character setting to the way of performance will have different aspect.All in all, whether it’s the leading actor or the supporting actor, Cha-Cha demonstrates the sincerity of the drama in casting, and also makes the audience look forward to the presentation of the work.Of course, at present, “Kick – powerful city” is just starting, from the early planning of the shooting cycle, the soonest TV drama can meet with the audience at the end of the year.However, I believe that a good play is worth waiting for and will not live up to the expectations of the audience.Finally, I hope “Kick Ass city” can shoot smoothly and finish as soon as possible.