People in Southern Fujian welcome the first snow of the Year of the Tiger

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The picture shows the snow scene in Dahu Township, Minhou County, Fuzhou city.Fujian Meteorological Bureau for the picture of The minhou County, Fuzhou City, Dahu township snow.Fuzhou, Fujian Province, February 20 (reporter Long Min)20, fujian ushered in the year of the Tiger in the first snow.According to the Fujian Meteorological Station, from the night of 19th to 8 o ‘clock on 20th, there was snow or sleet in the urban areas of Zherong, Shouning, Zhouning, Pingnan, Pucheng, Ninghua, Qingliu, Mingxi and Sanyuan districts, among which the urban areas of Zherong, Shouning, Zhouning and Pingnan districts.In addition, the reporter learned that Fuzhou Minhou County, Jin ‘an district, Putian City, part of Xianyou County, Quanzhou Dehua County jiuxianshan and other places also ushered in the first snow this year.Affected by the cold air, the temperature in Fujian province dropped significantly on The 19th.Statistics up to 8 o ‘clock today, shouning, Zhurong, Zhouning, Pingnan 4 counties (cities, districts) the lowest urban temperature is below 0℃, with Shouning -2.4℃ the lowest;The lowest temperature in Sui Xi town of Jianning (1,800 meters above sea level) was -8.5℃, which was lower than 0℃ in 105 towns of 37 counties.Fujian meteorological Station forecast that from today to 21, most of Nanping, most of Sanming, some towns in the west and north of Ningde, longyan and some mountainous areas in the northwest of Fuzhou and Quanzhou will have light snow, sleet or freezing rain, and some road sections will have ice.From 20th to 21st, the temperature will be low in the morning and night. The lowest temperature will be 2-4℃ in the urban areas of Nanping, Sanming, most of Longyan, western and northern Ningde, western and northern Fuzhou, northwestern Putian and northern Quanzhou with frost or icing.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has also ignited people’s passion for snow and ice in southern China, with people in many places in Fujian experiencing a “snow craze” both online and offline.On online platforms, many places in Fujian uploaded photos or videos of local snow scenes, which were frequently forwarded and liked.Local media in Fujian responded to the online “snow fever” by sending reporters to live broadcast.Many people braved the cold weather to watch the snow with their families.Dahu Township of Minhou County and Guling Tourist resort of Jin ‘an District, which are close to fuzhou urban area, are congested to a certain extent.Fuzhou citizen Xu He took his son early in the morning to drive more than 40 kilometers to minhou County Dahu township snow, he told reporters that the Winter Olympics let his son is also very concerned about ice and snow sports, specially brought his son to see, to feel, hope to let the south born and grown son of snow have an intuitive feeling.”Although it was cold, he was very happy today.”Source: