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The Lunar New Year of the Tiger is approaching, entering China can build Gezhou Dam Zhao-Ming Highway 1 project department is filled with a thick festive atmosphere.Auspicious patterns, red “fu” character, red lanterns, a variety of “tiger element” New Year pictures are full of beautiful things in eyes, thick flavor of the New Year.With the Spring Festival approaching, the arrangement of the camp became a top priority for the project department.The project department is full of thick New Year flavor everywhere, all kinds of “tiger elements” New Year goods become the leading role.In addition, Spring Festival couplets and other festive traditional decorations, Chinese knots, red lanterns and other Spring Festival goods are also the main products of the project department’s camp layout.”I bought some” Fu “on the door, some pairs of small tigers, and” Four Seasons peace spring leaves “on the office window.”Project department comprehensive office director Wang Dan said.Project department chef Wu Song: “the restaurant is hanging tiger head, pendants, as well as the word fu, couplets, everything, this year’s Spring Festival on duty a little more than in previous years, we also prepared a rich variety of dishes, to the local New Year’s day on duty to do a good job of logistics support.””Every family sticks Spring Festival couplets and celebrates the New Year with great joy.”Spring Festival couplets are the traditional culture of the Chinese nation folk, in addition to the New Year hanging ornaments, handwritten Spring Festival couplets, “fu” word is also welcomed by the staff on duty.”Because of my hometown – gansu nutrient-laden is the hometown of painting and calligraphy art, through the handwritten underscores our general enough for unicom nutrient-laden people’s love for painting and calligraphy art, so, let six elder sister bought sent goalkeeper spring leaf, make me seven years of industry division between teachers and students Mr Fu leather authorized Spring Festival couplets, home to three given gu calligraphy couple with calligraphy, made strange land during the Spring Festival has a strong taste.”Gansu tongwei wang Xuzeng happy smile.In order to meet the deadline before the flood season, more than 460 employees and workers of the Zhaoming Expressway project stick to the front line and do not “close the shop” during the Spring Festival, to achieve the early completion and operation of the Zhaoming expressway.The footsteps of years, quietly come;The taste of the year, increasingly strong, the project department of the Spring Festival on duty will be a symbol of red days, good wishes of the Spring Festival couplets, fu, lanterns arranged in every corner, thriving to welcome the New Year, happy New Year!(Correspondent Wang Xunzeng Wang Dan)