Suzhman, who died at the age of 28 and spent his savings on treatment for stomach cancer, had been active in business but was suspected of selling his business badly

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“All things are lovely, the world is worth it, and the future is predictable.” These 12 words are the simplest expectation for the future for a girl who is only 28 years old.Unfortunately, on March 12, Suzhman, who was always strong and optimistic in the face of cancer, passed away forever.Suzhman’s parents’ obituary summed up her short life in a few lines.The sentence “Suzhman lived a free and happy life, a short and wonderful life, she came and went quietly”, although there is no flowery rhetoric, but it makes people sad.Obituary People thought that she had been out of exercise for months, just trying to fight the disease, and then re-emerged in better shape.Did not think the time flies, the fans are waiting for the news that she quietly left.Su Riman portrait looked at the su Riman’s appearance, tied two pigtails, smiling pear vortex shallow, always so thriving, she seemed to be in the world, did not leave.In fact, before she died of illness, Suzhman was just a very ordinary girl among all living beings. She loved life, Mongolian dance from primary school to big, and loved her relatives and friends around her.Suzhman there were so many things in the world that she thought she had a long life to have.When he’s free, Suzhman likes to share videos of his daily life and dancing on social media.Suzhman gradually gained fans’ attention with her graceful dance moves and bright smile.Unfortunately, such a happy day ended in July last year.Suriman still remember suriman announced his cancer news, although the in the mind, but she still a face of optimism, and we say their own situation.It is hard for everyone to imagine that this promising young dancer, who also won the silver prize of “Lotus Prize”, the highest award in The Chinese dance circle, was suddenly diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer, accompanied by multiple bone metastases.Suzman finally broke down in tears as he talked about the situation, and all his optimism seemed to crumble.She cried and said that after he was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach, mom and dad were running around for her every day, they were shedding tears every day, and people were wasting away a lot.Su Riman see parents worry about their appearance, although Su Riman heart is full of despair, but she also know whether it is for yourself, or for mom and dad, she also want to be strong.She managed to smile, then encouraged more people: “The road to cancer is hard for everyone. I hope my friends who are going through difficulties in life can be optimistic when they see me so miserable and feel a little hope from me.”As Suzman tells it, her road to cancer is tough, but it’s also full of great promise.”Look at me.” Sulzman Have you ever seen such an optimistic cancer patient?Although already diagnosed cancer terminal, but Suriman still did not give up treatment, has been actively cooperating with doctors for chemotherapy.Although chemotherapy caused a lot of problems for the young girl, who was only in her twenties, such as massive hair loss and instant weight loss.Sulzman, however, is optimistic that she will shave off her hair altogether, given her crazy hair loss.She soon found a barber and shaved her black hair into a small bald head without telling her parents.Suriman shaved her head and although she felt uncomfortable, she did not refrain from crying, but eventually she laughed at herself as a “little bittern egg”.At the beginning of every video since, we can hear her gleefully saying: “Hello, I’m your little sulzman!”This girl is really optimistic!She needed chemo from time to time, but she still found a way to enjoy herself, either by posing with friends or begging for food.In the courtyard of uncle Huang’s house, Su Riman also had a battle of wits and courage with brother chicken, feeding big geese, and even stick cakes on the pot with everyone, playing that call a happy.Of course, she didn’t give up when it came to her favorite dance.Although the body is not able to do too difficult dance movements because of illness, but this does not prevent Suzhman’s heart to dance, wearing traditional Mongolian clothes and hats, she is still the beautiful and lovely dancer.It can be said that in Suzhman’s videos, there is little despair, more hope and hope that she wants to live.Suriman’s hope has also been infected by countless netizens outside the video, we are looking forward to suriman can recover soon, hope that the little brine egg can create a miracle.Even Wang’s mother, Zhang LAN, was impressed by her optimism. “I want to do my best to help you,” she wrote on the bottom of the video, adding that she wanted to meet Suzhman in person.Zhang LAN’s act has been praised by many netizens. After all, not many people can do that unselfishly to help a stranger.But while Suzhman was being encouraged and helped by countless people, she was at the center of an incident.Is Zhang LAN’s comment a distortion or a fact?Shortly after Suzhman’s diagnosis, her mother launched a public online crowdfunding campaign in her daughter’s name.Because Suzhman had a lot of influence, it didn’t take long for them to raise 800,000.Su Riman this is originally a happy result, how expect at this time, suddenly someone broke the news that su Riman a existence to conceal the real economy of the family, false fraud donations.According to the netizen, In fact, Suzhman did not spend all the family savings because of the treatment, on the contrary, their family is very rich.Not to mention that his mother owns a dance organization, but also a teacher of several art training bases, even Suzhman himself has two training organizations.In this way, they have at least tens of thousands of yuan of income every month.Su Riman in addition, from the net friends out of their home decoration, no five or six hundred thousand is not down.Would a family like this run out of savings and have to crowdfund in a day or two after their daughter gets sick?Moreover, from the video of Suzhiman after she fell ill, we also found a hint of trouble, that is, she casually appeared in a hat, are some big brands worth more than 2000 yuan hat.And to make it even funnier, she had more than one.Would a family that could spend thousands of dollars on a hat so easily spend all its savings?Suzman was also exposed at the time of his bad character, and his behavior of flaunting wealth before he fell ill, her crowdfunding fraud seems to be a sure thing.As a result, numerous netizens expressed their doubts, but the Sulzman family did not get an explanation.In addition, we proposed to release the details of the crowdfunding of 800,000 yuan, which has not been released so far.Sulzman’s move instantly made countless netizens more convinced that sulzman had fake crowdfunding. After all, a person with a clean conscience, how dare to publish details?As a result, the positive sales in her videos also make people doubt whether this person is deliberately selling misery, or even pretending to be sick, in order to get more people to give them money.As the situation escalated, Suzhman finally came forward to respond, but she only responded to the tragic pretending to be sick.First of all, she denied the idea that she was faking illness for the traffic, and then she seriously explained the reason, saying that she hoped it was a misdiagnosis more than anyone, but her deteriorating health still reminded her that she was really sick.And she finally did not endure the arrival of the summer, forever left the world, since the diagnosis to death, this short 8 months of treatment road, has become the last memories of Suzhiman to the world.Although there are still numerous controversies about Sulzman, dust to dust, dust to dust, with the passing of this short life, no matter how big the matter is investigated, it has no meaning of its own.I only hope that this girl who once danced warmly on the grassland can walk well all the way and no longer suffer from illness in her next life.Related recommendation: Xu Ting: the whole body fester hospital died, by 8 family members for several years of blood, after the death of the sister rub heat?Li Ting suffering from cancer died in 2012, on the funeral ex-husband Zhang Zijian cries bitterly, close younger brother is anxious to divide legacy Chen Ting: 19 years old for Zhang Yimou drop out of school to have a son, ordinary appearance of her, with what can win Gong Li?