Wang meng paid a heavy price for his disobedience. He was expelled from the national team for three times and still struggled for defeat alone

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The opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games is true to shock xiaobian, the opening ceremony is very wonderful, and the first time when the commentary Wang Meng, also deeply let xiaobian love, generous, professional, arrogant, unique and humorous, Wang Meng also because of his Mongolian words, frequently hot search.But don’t think wang Meng is just a person who can stir up the heat. In that year, she was defeated by no one else, and the number of gold MEDALS won by one person accounted for one third of all gold MEDALS won by China in previous Winter Olympics.Standing in the world’s top position, women’s speed skating world champion, and won the world champion many times, but because of unique personality, not discipline, suffered the national team mercilessly fired.At the age of 10, she began to train for skating in a sports school. At 13, she joined the Heilongjiang Provincial team. At 16, she won a bronze medal in the National Games and joined the national team.Expelled for the first time, she with a few small players to the old players to borrow more than 10,000 yuan, borrowed money to take dinner.In early 2000, this was no small cost.In anger, the coach sent her back to the provincial team for reflection, and only three months later did he transfer her back to the provincial team.Was expelled from the second, wang meng won the first gold medal of Olympics, but because of the speed skating team changed a new coach, and wang meng dissatisfaction with the coach’s tactics, direct criticism of the coach, then she is the core of speed skating team members, returned to the provincial team still cruel to her fired from later with her coach after the settlement, once again return to the national team.She was dismissed for the third time because once she got drunk and went back to the dormitory, she had a conflict with the captain and team leader, which led to a fight within the team, and the situation became serious and developed into a group fight.A year later, she was back on the national team, still an unbeatable world champion.Now Wang Meng has become an excellent coach, true temperament has also been loved by everyone, not to mention, today is also a day of Wang Meng circle fans!