It would be wise not to reveal three secrets to friends and family, no matter how tactless

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Adam Smith, writing in the Theory of Moral Sentiments, said: “There is no one in the world who can truly feel another person’s pain.You have pierced your heart with an arrow, and your pain is yours alone.”The world of adults is complex, there is no real empathy, you can only face the pain in your heart, and it is difficult to be close to people to cherish;When you’re having a good time, you get jealous. That’s real human nature.Some people habitually show off their ability and wealth, although being sought after in the moment can make you feel happy, but it will also cause a lot of trouble in your life.Most people in this world, except your parents, don’t want you to have a good life.So no matter how well mixed, no matter how honest you are, no scheming, to know how to keep these three secrets in front of relatives and friends, this is a necessary scheming, but also the great wisdom of life.Gao Xiaosong said: if you can live to be loved, don’t live to be envied.Truly intelligent people, more understand the weakness of human nature, know how to use the right way to manage their own life.Especially when getting along with relatives and friends, whether they are doing well or not, they will keep a secret, that is their economic strength.When your career is being tested, you don’t share your difficulties with everyone. Although you are related by blood, your weakness is sometimes seen as a joke and the other person doesn’t really help you out.The more intelligent you are, the more you know how to quietly build up your energy when things go wrong and start moving on without complaining to everyone.If you have achieved something through hard work and perseverance, you will not show it off to those around you.The greatest folly of a man is always wanting to let everyone know how successful he is.But your behavior like this, in fact, will only bring hidden trouble to the present life, people are jealous, see your career is so successful, those who do not see you good, may slander your personality and ability behind.When you meet a fake person, they will start to curry favor with you, but their enthusiasm is not genuine, but to get benefits from you.So, whether you are doing well or badly, it is wise to keep this secret from your relatives and friends, and not let them know your true financial strength.There’s a question online: What’s the thing you regret the most?There is a highly praised answer: “What is said is like water poured out. What is said cannot be undone.”When we meet some problems in our life and feel very bad, we hope to find someone who understands us to tell us what ails us.Especially when there is a conflict between family members, you will struggle inside.But family disputes are private matters, and a wise man will not broadcast them, no matter how much he feels.Especially with relatives and friends, they will keep it a secret.When your family’s private affairs are out in the open, you expose all of your weaknesses to people who don’t really feel sorry for you, but use your family’s affairs as a source of conversation.No matter how good your relationship with a friend is, it is necessary to know how to express enough.Otherwise, you’ll only end up with bruises all over your body.The more powerful a person is, the better he is at controlling his words and deeds, protecting himself and his family’s privacy.Everyone wants to be decent and dignified in front of others, and so does your family.Bad things, as long as you know, there is no need to let relatives and friends know everything.03: Your Connections and Real Strength There is a saying: smart people hide, fools show off.The more empty a person is, the more he likes to show off. However, such behavior often brings trouble to himself.In life, some people in order to relatives and friends in front of the face, they often boast about their connections.In this way, they gain a sense of presence, but in reality, their abilities are very limited.We all have our share of difficulties. Relatives, seeing how successful you are and how many rich and powerful people you know, will turn to you for help when they are in trouble.At this point, you have no way to keep your promise, and you’re in a quandary.As the saying goes, money doesn’t show.In fact, ability and strength are the same, the more low-key you are, the more you know how to hide bad things, the more smoothly you will live, otherwise blindly show off, will only cause trouble for yourself.Gibran said, “If you reveal secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the forest.”If you don’t want people to see your scars, remember not to show them to people around you.If you don’t want fake people to know about your abilities and wealth, don’t flaunt it with people close to you.Really good people, can do not show, do not make public, this is a person’s necessary scheming, when you understand this point will benefit for life.END