Shame on jose!There is no holding on to the 35-year-old superstar, who has scored two goals in four days and 14 in 31 games

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1-1!The current round of inter milan visit the tie with Naples, although get 1 point, may lead to inter milan behind AC Milan beyond (this round of home to Sampdoria, take 3 points is the first), but against Naples such a strong team, can take 1 point, believe that small Inzaghi has enough to explain to the fans.Inter were 1-0 down when insigne scored a penalty in the seventh minute.Fortunately, dzeko stepped up at the crucial moment.The star, who turns 36 next month, scored inter’s equaliser from inside the penalty area.Dzeko headed the ball wide from a teammate’s cross, but the ball was still in the area. Dzeko followed up with an unjustified shot that sealed inter’s victory.In addition to the coppa Italia match against roma, dzeko has scored two goals in just four days.Dzeko is now in his mid-thirties and it is rare for him to be in such a state of mind in consecutive matches.Dzeko, who has scored 14 goals in 31 games for inter so far this season, has replaced Romelu Lukaku in perfect form since his 0-0 move.Inter are definitely making a lot of money.It’s a shame jose mourinho let dzeko join inter on a free transfer last summer when he still had one year left on his contract.On the one hand, dzeko’s salary was too high, which put pressure on roma, on the other hand, it was due to his age that they finally let him go (he also wanted to leave).Now it seems that Dzeko is not old at all, his performance is so good that many strikers more than 10 years younger than him are embarrassed.Roma’s biggest problem this season has been squandering chances up front.Although Abraham scored 17 goals in 31 games, three more than Edin Dzeko.But in the game, he badly lacks the ability to call the shots.Especially against big teams, Abraham often gets lost.By contrast, half of dzeko’s 10 serie A goals have come against top 10 teams such as Juve, roma, Atalanta, Napoli and Fiorentina.If jose mourinho had insisted on keeping Dzeko, at least he would not have had to worry about who would score in the team apart from Abraham.It is no use regretting it now.Now he can only hope that Gyan will grow up and help Abraham to take some of the pressure, with Zaniolo, there is little hope, he is addicted to the ball and passing, there is no outstanding quality!