Why is bowel cancer discovered is terminal?Before bowel cancer happens, the body has hint early, do not ignore

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Mr. Yin, 43, an accountant, spends much of his day in front of a computer because of the demands of his job.At the end of each year, I have to stay up late to work overtime, apply for approval, and eat less regularly.Recently he found that he always appeared abdominal pain, diarrhea problems, this thought is to eat bad things, who knows in the hospital was diagnosed for bowel cancer, and has entered the middle and late.He found it hard to understand how bowel cancer could be linked to nothing more than diarrhoea and abdominal pain.And one fish bowel cancer is medium terminal, this is not to want his life?In fact, there are many people who face a similar situation with Mr. Yoon.According to the data, colorectal cancer is the most common type of gastrointestinal cancer in China, second only to breast cancer and lung cancer.Of those diagnosed with bowel cancer, around 83 per cent were at an intermediate or advanced stage.01 Why is one discovery of bowel cancer terminal?Cancer has a certain “hidden nature”, and bowel cancer is no exception.For patients diagnosed with bowel cancer, the diagnosis is at an advanced stage, often because the body fails to detect abnormal signs at an early stage.In fact, bowel cancer has not come quietly.There are some minor symptoms that you might not notice.First of all, frequent farting, which can be a sign of intestinal abnormalities.Bowel cancer can cause a blockage in the intestine, which prevents food from being digested or absorbed.When food remains in the gut, it continually reacts with the gut flora to produce more gas, known as farts.Most people fart 10-15 times per day. If you fart frequently and it smells bad, you should pay attention.The smell of flatulence can also reflect gut health.On the premise of not eating high protein, high starch food, the smell of gas is very bad, ammonia smell, fish smell, also beware of bowel cancer.Secondly, the state of bowel movement can also indicate bowel cancer.The presence of cancer cells in the intestine may lead to damage to the intestinal mucosa, erosion, bleeding, and blood mixing in food waste to form stool.At this time the excretion of the stool may have dark red blood or even appear purulent blood stool.If abnormal depressions are seen on one side of the stool, it may also be that the tumor has taken up space in the intestine and caused pressure on food residues, thus forming depressions.If every time can discover defecate has certain depression, also want to cause attention in time, when necessary screen bowel cancer.Also, bowel habits are easy to overlook.Everyone has their own bowel habits.Some people defecate once a day, others only once every 2-3 days.But from a scientific point of view, two to three bowel movements a week and two to three bowel movements a day are fine as long as there is a regular pattern.But when you’re used to having two or three bowel movements a week2 and suddenly switch to two or three bowel movements a day, it’s not normal.Affected by tumours in the bowel, it may cause changes in people’s bowel habits.Defecation will become more and more irregular, unclean defecation, long time does not defecate, defecation many times a day.Detection of these abnormalities, it is best to screen for colorectal cancer.Here are some ways to screen for bowel cancer.For the general population, after the discovery of abnormal stool, stool occult blood test can be carried out to find whether there is a blood stool problem.In addition, a digital rectal exam can screen for rectal cancer.And colonoscopy is known as the gold standard of bowel cancer, can intuitively see the intestinal lesions, after the discovery of bowel cancer can also take timely measures, receive treatment.When bowel cancer is found to be advanced, some early physical signs are often missed.In fact, before the arrival of bowel cancer, the body will give hints, these abnormal signals, do not ignore.Reference data: 1, when large intestine cancer is discovered it is terminal basically, what symptom can early warning?2, 24-year-old constipation for a month, a check turned out to be advanced colorectal cancer!Pay attention to these changes in the body · Popular Science China ·2021-6-10# Healthy in the Year of the Tiger #