Famous record pelican exposure three goals!CJ, Fox and Edmonton are on the list, and hart is the main bargaining chip

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Brian Windhorst talked about the Pelicans on “Talkin ‘NBA.”He said the team will be the most active before next week’s trade deadline, and notes that they now have three targets: Portland’s CJ, Sacramento’s Fox and Houston’s Gordon.Their main offer was Hart.The Pelicans aren’t the first to report CJ’s interest in the franchise. Eric Pincus, a reporter for BR, previously reported on the matter, saying, “The Pelicans have their eye on next season, and they’re going to make a big move before the trade deadline. CJ is seen by the Pelicans as an ideal scorer and leader, and they believe CJ can play alongside Zion Ingram.”In addition, the Pelicans aren’t the only ones with an interest in the trio. Indiana’s Anthony Sabonis, Sacramento’s Tim Barnes and Portland’s Mike Covington are all targets.They have the confidence and capital to go after players because Ingram and Zion represent the future and hope, and the Pelicans have plenty of cap space. Ingram is the highest at $29.47 million, followed by Valancunas at $14 million and Zion at $10.73 million.Their total salary is now $115.3 million, just over the salary cap ($112.4 million).They still have zion’s contract for another year, even next season, to give confidence to anyone who wants to join the team.Of course, the pelicans do all this to keep Yingge and Zion.The hat is almost guaranteed by Yingge, who has averaged 22.5 points, 6 rebounds and 5.2 assists in 34.3 minutes in 37 games so far this season, often seeing the Pelicans lose and Ingram’s numbers blow up.So the Pelicans will have to get some instant players to keep Ingram at bay.Zion’s situation is a bit more delicate, with the injury being the first step and the pelicans staying the second, after word leaked that the pelicans were unhappy with his attitude during his rehabilitation and his out-of-control weight.Whether to stay with the team is an important choice for Both Zion and the Pelicans.Give me the lead. What do you say?Thank you for reading, wish you bright eyes ~