I started watching “The World”, just looking at the cast, I already want to see it

2022-05-07 0 By

Chinese New Year is chasing “The World”, just look at the cast: Lei Jiayin, Song Jia, Yin Tao, Xin Baiqing, Ding Yongdai, Sa Rina, Wang Yang, Yu Zhen, Zhang Kaili, Ma Shaohua, Han Haolin…I already want to see it.Watched two sets, as expected good, was suddenly pulled into the pit.This play from the 1970s to the present, it is also the most magnificent 50 years of social development, there are too many stories, experiences, and legendary life makes people seem to have experienced a sour, sweet, bitter and spicy struggle years.We remember these scenes that we or our fathers have experienced, and this is the world.Overall, the story of this drama is very reductive and attractive.If I have to be picky, it may be because the living conditions of the creators are too good. Although I want to show the life of ordinary people, I still feel a little bit more affluent.Including the actors in the winter environment, how can not see the breath.Of course, these life details are just a misunderstanding of the cold feeling and shooting equipment of a Northeast Chinese, which does not affect my liking for the story.Now I am more and more fond of recalling past experiences. Although we would regret in the past, we might not have had a better choice at that time. Maybe this is the world.For me, this drama makes me cherish the present life more and understand that although there are too many difficulties in life, we should not give up the taste of life because of pressure.Maybe that’s why the show is enough for me.Do you think “The World” meets your expectations?Welcome to talk about your feelings and memories.