The central health center of Nanhua Town, Gaotai County, provides health check-ups for migrant workers

2022-05-07 0 By

On the morning of February 8, the central health center of Nanhua Town, Gaotai County, carried out physical examinations for migrant workers returning to work and provided them with occupational health education, infectious disease prevention and treatment and family doctor contract services.In order to do a good job of the health examination, the health center planned in advance, selected the business backbone, from the physical examination guidance, physical examination process and other details, so that the personnel to feel the warmth of “home”;Physical examination includes general physical examination, blood and urine examination, B ultrasound, electrocardiogram and surgery, etc.At the same time, health lectures and on-site family doctor signing activities were held in the health education activity room.The hospital attaches great importance to the development of the physical examination work, requiring both to ensure the good order of the physical examination and to ensure that the masses will not occur respiratory infectious diseases because of the physical examination gathering.On That day, more than 50 people had health check-ups, and more than 60 copies of COVID-19 protection information were distributed, and people were advised to keep fewer gatherings, wear masks, wash their hands frequently and keep good air circulation during the epidemic.The physical examination effectively improved the protection awareness of migrant workers and fulfilled the duty of health gatekeeper of grassroots general practitioners.(Liu Xiujuan)