Before do not understand, kitchen knife chopsticks “put mesa”!It should have been done a long time ago, clean and hygienic

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If you want to judge whether a home is exquisite, we can see it in the kitchen.Have a word to say well “defend gold hutch silver”, the kitchen is the most important mobile area in the home, reflecting the pyrotechnic gas of whole home.In the past, we should be able to eat satiate meal only satisfied, but people pays attention to life character now, the hutch that uses at ordinary times must clean, neat, rise is not at ease with otherwise.Many people have formed a bad habit, every time used chopsticks, knives, spoons and so on directly put on the table!And the chopping board of a log can be used for decades, it is the case that appears craze and moldy, you are not willing to throw away, as everyone knows, this kind of practice is wrong, it is not healthy.At home, chopsticks and chopping boards used for a long time, there will be damp and moldy situation, breeding bacteria is very much, especially harmful to us aflatoxin, even if you use just boiled water to hot, there is no effect.If you put the knife directly on the table, it must be very messy, and it is not convenient to store it directly. Below, I will teach you the correct way to do it. Let’s see!Intelligent disinfection knife rack has many people kitchen to prepare a cutter and chopping block only merely, no matter be to cut vegetables or cut meat to be able to undertake above, time is long to be able to appear drop wool catkin, craze, mildew wait for a problem, your head is really big.In order to make it more convenient for you to use, we can prepare a good intelligent sterilizer!Directly put the chopping board, knives, chopsticks and so on directly in the disinfecting, and it also comes with three different knives and chopping board, to meet your use needs.Kitchen knives and cutting boards can be directly put into the inside, which is the use of ultra-strong ultraviolet sterilization, can protect your knives clean.The smart sterilizer comes with high quality cutting tools and cutting boards, so we can sort and clean according to the ingredients.Cutting board is made of pure natural PP material, high hardness, and will not produce bacteria and scratches, with dirty directly clean water on the line.Chopsticks can be directly placed in a special storage area can be disinfected.In the home to prepare disinfection machine, can solve the problem of storage, and can achieve sterilization effect, really good.If you live in a small apartment, the kitchen space will certainly be very small. In addition to the storage of knives and chopsticks, the seasoning bottles of bottles and jars should also find their own position.Here I sincerely suggest you, do not choose the wall hanging rack on the Internet, because its viscosity is very poor, with a period of time will fall off, when the time comes to get where are, pick up very troublesome.Now more and more people like to use this kind of rotating rack, put these things in the corner can be.Put the commonly used bottle cans in your life above, can take through rotation, very convenient, won’t occupy a place already, can increase convenience again, release your mesa space.Sink garbage filter net sink filter net is our every household can be used, its main purpose is to prevent the blockage of the pool.The one-time filter net of the past tradition is very not practical, often can appear broken situation, not environmental protection waste money again!Choose this stainless steel filter screen can be used repeatedly, will not break down for many years.If you encounter the problem of blockage of the lower pool at ordinary times, we can prepare it at home, and it can be very convenient to install it directly on the pool.Oil cleaning agent after the kitchen collection is done, followed by the problem of cleaning, because only to ensure that your kitchen is clean, can cook more convenient.But as anyone who has experienced it knows, the oil in the kitchen is very serious, and if you do not use the right method, it is impossible to wipe it clean.I’ve tried a variety of cleansers myself, and none of them work well. If you use a low-quality cleanser for a long time, it can easily damage your skin.If you have the same problem in your home, I suggest you use this good heavy oil cleaner, just a simple spray, wipe can solve the problem.Oil cleaner contains super active agent and plant essence ingredients, not only can clean clean, but also can release a fragrance.Foreman summary: after reading this article, I believe that we have learned the right way to receive it!I don’t know what you think?