Don’t pay heating bill, winter all depend on “ceng”?Many places have begun to rectify, the future is not easy to take advantage of

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With the advent of global warming, it rarely snows in winter these years. The snow in the north used to be knee deep in winter, but now it is almost invisible in the morning the next day.Snowy winter is bitter cold.The original conditions are not good, winter can only be wrapped in thick clothes fire to keep warm.Now the conditions are better, and many northern cities are turning on their indoor heating as winter approaches.Central heating is really let a person feel warm in the cold winter, not only warm body, heart also comfortable.In autumn or the end of autumn, communities in the north with heating have begun to charge for heating in order to keep heating in winter.The householder that pays heating fee comes in winter, open heating valve the room is hot.As soon as the heating system is turned on in the north, the owners can wear short sleeves and do not feel cold at all.In the community that central heating supplies commonly, owner can hand in heating cost, but also have a few covet cheap person, they do not hand in heating cost can rub central heating, this kind of behavior is improper.In response to this phenomenon, China’s official media made a statement, must crack down on this “warming” behavior.There are several types of heating and the reason why these people are able to take advantage of it, in large part, is the way the northern neighborhoods are heated.It is reported that the main heating methods, there are two kinds, one is radiator heating, which is more common in many northern families, generally enter the house you can see a white ceramic or stainless steel array, those are radiator.Radiator is a more traditional heating method, generally radiating heat.But if the room is larger, radiator heating is more expensive.Radiator heating range is relatively small, only around the radiator is relatively warm, generally used to bake clothes or heating, but if far from the radiator, you will feel the temperature is low.If the room is larger, if you want to make the whole room relatively warm, you need to install a radiator in a large area.Large area installation radiator is not very beautiful, the second is the installation cost is relatively high, relatively accounted for the area, so the general family will choose the second way.The 2nd kind of means is to use ground warmth to heat, central heating of laid below ceramic tile, quantity of heat wears a body from sole, whole room is warm, and the charge that is consumed in laid ground warmth is not tall.Not exposed in the room interior, not only beautiful and do not occupy the area.Both of these are required to pay 3,000 yuan or so to the heating company every year.3000 yuan heating time is still relatively long, winter is also warm relatively cost-effective.Why can censure arrive central heating modern village is floor means build, general fluctuation two open central heating words, intermediate even if did not have pay heating fee, do not have central heating infuse, but add in the middle of two floors also is quite warm, because fluctuation the temperature between two also can pass into intermediate floor.The heating system is very capable of heating, and the heating system installed under the floor also penetrates the floor and gives the upper and lower houses a certain temperature.To combat this immorality, many communities now charge for heating whether or not they need it, but those who need it pay the regular fee, while those who don’t need it pay a portion of the heating bill.This kind of regulation comes out certain householder expresses approval but also affects part of the user that does not want to pay heating bill.Some people own more than one house, some houses are not inhabited people also have to pay for heating does touch on the issue of inequity.Conclusion Collective heating does solve the winter heating needs of a large number of people, which also trampled on the tail of a small number of people.They don’t want to be heated and they can use other methods of heating, so there are pros and cons.This approach does eliminate some phenomena.It’s bad and immoral to rub the heat.