Harden took it all: I gave it all to the team, and Kd was favoring Kyrie

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Durant spoke out for the first time about Harden’s departure: He didn’t know harden was unhappy until he started seeing those reports pop up last week.He said he always thought Harden was doing well, but things started to deteriorate when he got hurt and wasn’t around.He just needs to think about one more thing, the most important thing: harden is the only one of the three who doesn’t have a championship. Harden can’t afford to wait. He’s here to win a championship.If Harden was 23 this year, he’d be patient and continue to hone his roster, but he’s already 33!If the Nets were all durant, he wouldn’t leave either. The Kyrie thing is disgusting and Harden can’t afford to mess with him.Nash’s rotation is a mess.Irving is definitely not the key to Harden leaving the net, Marx’s movement and Nash’s rotation are.This year’s roster is particularly difficult, and anyone who works well with Harden will not be used, plus Marx’s lack of desire on the trade market makes roster optimization impossible…!Look at your broken leg, you’re gonna want to go.Let’s hope Durant understands harden, just think about why he walked away from the Thunder with a bad name.An equal word.How many workers nightmare.Adu is not the front office, there is nothing else to do but make Harden wait.A little more communication between the two would have helped if harden had known what he was thinking, and Durant should have asked his heart if he really supported and respected Irving’s decision not to get the shot, and if he was concerned about it, could he express it?Adu didn’t have a say when Harden was traded to okC, and adu didn’t have a say when Harden was traded to nets.In fact, try trading Kyrie!There’s still trade value. The Sixers would trade simmons if he didn’t play.In general, Durant has always seen Harden as his younger brother and Irving as his brother.Harden also realized the reality, the most vulnerable people in society is the human heart!In the future, there will probably be no brothers, no brothers, no brothers, no brothers, no brothers.Maybe different classes are just not meant to get together!Eldest two are both rich second generation, eldest three mortgage the house to raise money to do business with eldest two, business did not improve, eldest two even if the business loss is only a small trouble, and eldest three but mortgage the house, now can not see the prospect of the sale in the future.Was it right or wrong to leave in time?Harden hasn’t publicly said anything bad about Irving, or even complained about his lack of vaccinations. No one in the Nets can even say that. Harden is here to compete for a championship, not just to work.Harden and the Nets were able to get together and part, leaving assets and no bad blood, which was a happy ending for everyone.