Longdengshan Community: “315 rights protection publicity” activities

2022-05-08 0 By

In order to let community residents establish a new concept of consumption, do a legal rights protection of consumers, March 15, zhonghe Street Road Longdengshan community launched “315 rights advocacy” activities.During the activity, the community staff propagandized the hot issues of safeguarding consumer rights and interests in recent years and the interpretation of the regulations on the revision of the consumer law to the community residents by issuing leaflets, hanging slogans and explaining the knowledge of “315” to the residents, and advocated the residents to use legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.Through publicity, it not only improves the protection awareness of consumer rights and interests of the residents of the jurisdiction, strengthens the ability of consumers to detect and protect their rights and interests, and warns consumers to consciously resist and stay away from “fake and shoddy” commodities;By issuing and protect consumers’ rights and interests of the relevant manuals and books of knowledge, guide the consumer, know the law, to study science, modern consumption and rights protection and food safety knowledge, establish a scientific and rational consumption idea, effectively promote the consumer rights in the market, into the community, make the residents to live and work in the rights of knowledge to enhance understanding.