Sudden good news!10 billion wine enterprises won a strong stake in central enterprises, the stock price limit again…China Resources “drinking” income has exceeded 40 billion

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On February 16, Golden Seed Wine announced that the controlling shareholder of the company introduced an important strategic shareholder, and the two sides will carry out long-term joint venture. The strategic shareholder is China Resources Zhan Investment.On the evening of February 16th, Anhui Golden Seed Wine Co., Ltd. issued a notice indicating that the company’s controlling shareholders plan to introduce strategic shareholders and equity structure adjustment. According to the notice, in order to promote the deepening reform and high-quality development of state-owned enterprises,Fuyang Investment and Development Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Fuyang Investment and Development”), the sole shareholder of Golden Seed Group and the controlling shareholder of the company, intends to comply with the “Measures for supervision and Administration of State-owned Assets Transaction of Enterprises” (SasAC, Ministry of Finance Order No. 32,(hereinafter referred to as “Order 32”) and other laws and regulations transfer the 49% equity held by Golden Seed Group to China Resources Strategic Investment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “China Resources Strategic Investment”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Resources (Group) Co., LTD., in the form of non-public agreement transfer.Fuyang Investment and China Resources Investment Signed the Equity Transfer Agreement of Anhui Golden Seed Group Co., LTD on February 16, 2022.Golden Seed wine said that after the transaction, the company’s controlling shareholders to introduce important strategic shareholders, the two sides for long-term joint venture cooperation.This transaction will not lead to the change of the company’s controlling shareholder and actual controller, the company’s controlling shareholder is still Golden Seed Group, the actual controller is still Fuyang State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.In addition, this equity transfer is a strategic reorganization between a subsidiary of a central state-owned enterprise and a local state-owned enterprise. It is planned to be transferred by non-public agreement and will take effect after obtaining the approval of relevant departments.In terms of performance, Golden Seed Wine recently announced that the company is expected to have a net profit loss of 155 million to 185 million yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021, and a profit of about 69.4 million yuan in the same period of 2020.After deducting non-recurring gains and losses, the company expects a net profit loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 180 million to 210 million yuan in 2021, and a loss of about 114 million yuan in the same period of 2020.As for the reasons for the loss, Golden Seed Wine said that the main reason for the loss was that the company’s liquor product structure was in the adjustment period, the sales of sub-high-end products accounted for a relatively low proportion, and the gross profit of comprehensive sales was low.Golden Seed wine shares rose by the daily limit to 17.33 yuan, or 10.03 percent, at the midday close today, with a total market value of 11.40 billion yuan.It is worth noting that in the afternoon of 16 days before the announcement, golden Seed wine suddenly “flat take off”, directly sealed board.And for yesterday afternoon golden seed wine advance limit, there are also shareholders issued doubts.China Resources liquor road information shows that on September 3, 2008, China Resources Zhantou registered.According to the announcement of the listed company, China Resources War investment is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Resources (Group) Co.The strategic investment gold seed wine, is not the first time China Resources to participate in the liquor field of strategic investment.As early as 2018, Fenjiu Group, the controlling shareholder of Shanxi Fenjiu, signed a share transfer agreement with Huachuang Xinrui, the holding company of China Resources, and its subsidiary Huachuang Xinrui (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. received 99.15 million unlimited tradable shares of Shanxi Fenjiu with a total amount of 5.16 billion yuan, becoming the second largest shareholder of Shanxi Fenjiu (holding 11.38%).Since then, Fenjiu has cooperated with China Resources Venture from strategic layout, talent exchange, lean management, product linkage and other aspects, and helped Fenjiu go from regional brand to national brand through distribution channel advantages.This cooperation can be said to be very successful, and in the following three years, Shanxi Fenjiu and its share price have increased.According to preliminary calculations, China Resources owns 11.4% of its equity can achieve book net income of more than 40 billion yuan.In August last year, China Resources again announced its investment in Shandong Jingzhi Wine. According to the website of the Anti-Monopoly Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation,China resources industry holding co., LTD. (” huarun liquor “) and jiaxing CDH zun cosette equity investment partnership (limited partnership) (CDH) proposed by way of capital increase acquisition of shandong JingZhi wine co., LTD. (” JingZhi liquor “), a wholly owned subsidiary of shandong JingZhi liquor co., LTD. (” JingZhi liquor “) combined 60% stake.Prior to the deal, Jingzhi Liquor owned 100 percent of jingzhi Liquor.Upon completion of the transaction, China Resources Will own 40 percent of Jingzhi Baijiu, CDH Will own 20 percent and CDH will own the remaining 40 percent. China Resources, Jingzhi Baijiu and CDH Will jointly control Jingzhi Baijiu under the anti-monopoly law.At present, the fierce competition in the beer market has already entered the era of stock competition.As the leading beer company in the beer industry, China Resources Beer is also looking for a new way of diversification in the face of fierce competition.At the same time, the price hike has already begun in the beer circle. China Resources Beer, as the largest domestic beer enterprise by revenue, has been grabbing the market with low prices for a long time.When the overall space of the industry peaked and contracted, it also began to reshape its strategy from 2017 to create a “4+4” brand and promote high-end transformation.Last year, China Resources Beer opened the imagination of ultra-high-end beer in China for the first time with the launch of its ultra-high-end beer series “Li” priced at 999 yuan.In addition to the high-end product route, the company previously revealed in the half-year performance report that the company will also pay attention to the development opportunities of non-beer alcohol drinks, and explore potential synergies through limited diversified development to further expand business.The strategic investment of China Resources to gold seed wine, analysts believe that the deal is to take what is needed.China Resources needs to gain business growth. Baijiu undoubtedly has development potential and is also popular in the capital market. Besides, China Resources also has a huge demand for baijiu.The volume of Golden Seed wine has declined in recent years, so we can take advantage of China Resources to solve the problems of capital, brand and channel for expansion, and accelerate the process of high-end and national transformation.Copyright Statement All original content of securities Times platform, without written authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced.We reserve the right to investigate the relevant subject of legal responsibility.Reprint and cooperation can contact the securities Times assistant, wechat ID: SecuritiesTimesEND