“Naked chat” for a few minutes, cheated tens of thousands of yuan

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Strange “beauty” net friends and you mutual friends, but also take the initiative to show good.As the scale of the chat content continues to escalate, I even offer to “be honest with you”!This so-called “affair” is actually a fraud trap!The gang recorded naked chat videos of the victims, threatening them and extorting money.In the early morning of February 6, Xiao Fang was watching a live broadcast on her mobile phone when she saw a favorite network anchor, and the two began to exchange words with each other.While the two were chatting, the anchor suddenly suggested that they wanted to meet through “video” to improve their relationship.Under the speech offensive of anchor, small square undertook “naked chat” with anchor.A few minutes later, the host abruptly cut off the video and later sent a video file package containing screenshots of Xiao Fang and her “naked chat”.At this point, the anchor changed his attitude 180 degrees and told Xiao Fang to transfer money to her, or he would send the video screenshots to people in xiao Fang’s address book.The sudden “change of face” was like a bolt from the blue, and xiao Fang was very afraid. He knew that he had suffered from “naked chat” fraud. At the beginning, a series of operations were all aimed at obtaining Xiao Fang’s mobile phone address book.In order to prevent her “naked chat” videos from being discovered by her relatives and friends, Xiao Fang had to download monitoring software at the request of the other party, and at the direction of the other party, she borrowed 27,000 yuan from Meituan and JINGdong successively, and transferred all the borrowed money to the other party’s bank account.”Naked chat” fraud methods 1, obtain citizen information, screening objects.Criminals obtain citizens’ names, work units, mobile phone numbers, wechat accounts and other personal information through illegal channels.2. Add friends and pave the way for online chat.Criminals add friends on wechat with pictures of beautiful women and handsome men.If the victim is friends with each other, start a period of online chat.3. Video chat and record “evidence”.The other side sent a video chat invitation to lure the victim to “naked chat”, and in this process, the criminal will be the victim of the “naked chat” video recording as a follow-up blackmail “evidence”.4, “spend money to eliminate disaster”, repeated blackmail.After collecting “evidence”, the other party will spread “naked chat” video, report the video to the victim’s unit, forward relatives and friends and other reasons to threaten the victim, and extortion for many times.1. Once the “naked chat software” is installed and authorized, it will obtain the phone address book. At the moment of “heartbeat”, you have fallen into the trap set by the other party.2, online friends should be cautious, should maintain healthy online habits, do not browse pornographic information, do not try to seek stimulation, so as not to fall into the “peach trap” set by fraudsters.Source: Jiangsu Net police