“Pseudo expensive childe” Well Boran: 28 days after birth was abandoned by his parents, a dull coffee was laughed at by Xie Na

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1, Well Boran no matter how to claim your son, he is “expensive” not up.In a variety show aired in January 2022, He jiong, who has just passed his barista certificate, makes coffee for Xie Na and Jing Boran, and asks them if they can taste what’s in the coffee.Only see one’s previous experience is in art family, never worry the Xie Na that has no money to spend, can in quick succession say tea and hawthorn, but Well Bai Ran does not know from what product start at all, even be made fun of by the other side: this is not the most embarrassing.Perhaps Well Boran looked at the examination has ended, in order not to waste he Jiong’s mind, he picked up the coffee is a dull, finished also a proud face to show off his record, which directly made Xie Na issued a barbell like laughter: just don’t understand coffee well Boran and what’s wrong?Abandoned by his parents when he was 28 days old, it’s a miracle he grew up healthy, let alone someone who taught him how to drink coffee.Jing boran was born into a poor family. His father had nothing to do, and even though his wife, a tour guide, could not work because of her pregnancy, he still hung out in a mahjong parlor.Perhaps her husband’s ruthless let Jing mother completely dead heart, she gave birth to Jing Boran less than a month, left their son to find poetry and far away.Looked at his wife all don’t want to tube son, father also well start wondering who lost her child to good, at that moment, love dearly grandson’s grandma and grandpa was immediately taken on the heavy burden of raising jingboran even parents in poor health, only by rubbing towel for a low income, they are the grandchildren for into a technical secondary school, it can at least learn a craft to feed their families.Fortunately, there is always a way out for everyone. Jing Boran, a tall and handsome man, was later discovered by talent scouts and became a hot movie star from the champion of Go My Hero.But even if he did not have the trouble of economic respect again now, but gloomy childhood, still became a scar in the heart of Well Bai Ran.Well Bo Ran ever is introduced in first gear program, oneself take household decoration seriously very much, because: say not so much well Bo Ran wants part-time job to be decorated master, as he is to cure childhood with all one’s strength.It’s just that the heart is hard to cure, and a new regret has found its way to the door.If Jing Boran knew that this was the last time Qiao renliang would invite him to the party, would he pretend not to see it?In 2012, Qiao renliang suddenly felt something when he was promoting a new song, so he named Jing Boran on the social platform and asked him to put down the “festival” and “misunderstanding”, so that the former Qingcheng Sishao again.But unfortunately, even though Qiao renliang said this was his biggest wish this year, he still failed to impress Jing Boran, because Fu Xinbo is also one of the four.In 2007, Jing boran was halfway through a barbecue on the street when he was suddenly called to participate in a talent show.At that time, Because of his poor family and never participated in interest classes, singing and dancing were his knowledge blind spot.However, considering that the other party issued an invitation, Jing Boran also planned to play, but ended up playing the national championship.In this way, Jing Boran, with a big question mark, became popular all over the country in the name of “Four small towns”. Later, he was favored by huayi Brothers, a large company, and Fu Xinbo to BOBO portfolio business.In their early years as a group, they were closer than brothers. They were two big boys, but they couldn’t stop cuddling, even in front of the camera.Even if two people separate business, Fu Xinbo also do not forget the other side of the cue, said biting their mosquitoes must be sent to the well, and there the well also soft and coquetted way: I will send two mosquitoes bite you oh ~ and we do fans by the head knock on the end.But something went wrong, and suddenly the two of them, who used to be so lovey-dovey, looked like strangers. Even if they were in business together, they seemed separated by the entire galaxy.Later, as their contracts expired, Jing boran and Fu Xinbo ran faster than each other.Some people say that this is because of their interests break off, are a combination of members, Well Boran boarded the big screen to win the award, now is a first-line movie cafe;And Fu Xinbo can only play in huayi production sideline, now can barely out of the circle tag, only he and his wife Yinger reality show.Perhaps the gap widened further, and to this day, they remain the most taboo subject for each other.Because of this, Well Boran will ignore Qiao Renliang’s invitation.But grumpy netizens scolded Qiao Renliang to another world, they still do not intend to let Jing Boran.3. In 2016, Jing Boran abruptly announced his withdrawal from the social media platform the day after Qiao renliang’s memorial service.Is he trying to put an end to Internet abuse from its roots and prevent him from going the way of his friends?On September 16 of that year, Qiao renliang, suffering from mental illness, finally chose the most extreme way to end his young life, which attracted many netizens’ regret.Just some people’s regret suddenly began to deteriorate, they hold the keyboard rushed to the well Boran comment area, questioned the well Boran why ignore Qiao Renliang’s invitation, refused to participate in the “little city four” party.Not only that, some of the number of people who touch the big ice, but also launched personal attacks on Well Boran, trying to qiao Renliang’s misfortune all onto him.There were even people who took the opportunity to fabricate small stories to corrupt Jing Boran’s reputation.Because Jing Boran just started, because of his teammate Fu Xinbo too close, from then on the road to be questioned orientation.Huayi boss Wang Zhonglei, the entertainment shouldered the son He Jiong, were once Jing Boran’s “gossip boyfriend”.In view of these two are resource big family, so “Well Bai Ran depends on big guy” the news also spread like wildfire, let this popular little unripe debate without debate.Sensitive to the incident, Jing first deleted his Instagram account and set it as a private account, before announcing that he was quitting weibo to stay away from the trouble.For the next three years, he didn’t post another word.Perhaps three years has made him a strong heart. During the Spring Festival of 2019, he sent New Year wishes after a long absence.However, there were also some mocking comments from his fans, such as “Long time no see”.But I believe that he, who has never had a moment of peace in his life, has carved peace of mind into his soul.