The latest!Hohhot has 131 confirmed cases and Baotou has 7 confirmed cases.

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Sixty-five new COVID-19 cases were reported in The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from 00:00 to 24:00 On February 19, including 63 in Hohhot (15 in Xincheng District, 4 in Hui District, 9 in Yuquan District, 18 in Saihan District, 15 in Tumed Left Banner and 2 in Wuchuan County).Two cases were reported in Baotou city (1 in Kundulun district and 1 in Darhan Maoming ‘an Union Banner).A new asymptomatic case was reported in Daerhan Maoming ‘an United Banner, Baotou City.All the new cases tested positive for nucleic acid in key groups, centralized isolation sites, control zones and containment zones.As of 19 February 24, 143 cases of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the existing local cases, with 131 cases of Hohhot (30 cases, hui nationality area 9 cases, yuquan area the hampshire area on 14 cases, 35 cases, tumed left flag 20 cases, 20 cases of WuChuan County, 3 cases) and Linda lingle county, baotou city 7 cases (kunduz shimron area in 5 cases, total mau MEDALS union flag in 2 cases),Five cases were reported in Hulunbuir (all in Manzhouli).1 asymptomatic local infected person (in Daerhan Maoming ‘an United Banner, Baotou City).1 asymptomatic infected person imported from abroad (in Kerqin District, Tongliao City).They are being treated in isolation in designated hospitals, and all close contacts are being quarantined in designated places for medical observation to prevent the spread of the epidemic.Ordos City 24-hour nucleic acid testing institutions ▼ Source: Inner Mongolia Health Commission