Volvo’s first sport aesthetic pure electric SUV, the new pure electric C40 opened for pre-sale

2022-05-09 0 By

On February 14th, Volvo went to the winter “Frozen Challenge” with its pure electric family, presenting its own romance with the ultimate safety design.”The most beautiful Volvo” — the new pure electric C40 is also open for pre-order today, the pre-sale price from 267,000 yuan.As Volvo’s first sport-aesthetic pure electric SUV, the all-new pure electric C40 has become the new darling of the fashion industry with its understanding of the trend of The Times since its debut at last year’s Guangzhou Auto Show.Order now and enjoy exclusive gift including deposit expansion, customs clearance package, total value of up to 50,000 yuan.The all-new pure electric C40 is Volvo’s first SUV to attempt a slip-back design, which is in line with the aesthetic orientation of contemporary users to express themselves.The shark-like design of the front face of the new car is complemented by the smart pixel headlights of “Quake”, which hides a strong sense of energy.From the roof line behind the B-pillar all the way down sloping extension, so that the rear of the car has a Coupe sliding back style;The tail-fixed tail fin can better comb the tail-air flow and improve aerodynamic efficiency. Combined with the dual motor four-wheel drive system, it can provide sports car class acceleration of nearly 4.7 seconds to 100 kilometers and instantly bring the driver a race-like passion.The “beauty” represented by the new pure electric C40 not only refers to the design language, but also breaks the boundary between the interior space of the cockpit and the exterior nature, realizing the future scene of harmony between man and nature.Nordic people understand the philosophy of happiness and environmental protection, they pursue healthy life, but also pay attention to cleaner living environment.Volvo cars will use more recyclable and bio-based materials in its products and aims to use 25% of its new cars with recyclable materials by 2025.Volvo’s 100% Leather Free concept, introduced for the first time in the new pure electric C40, does not use animal Leather for its steering wheel, gear lever and other interior accessories, so as to redefine luxury with respect to nature.New pure electric C40 Abby, aurora version back to act the role ofing car “walks change scene” the Abbey library aurora version back to act the role ofing, like its graphic design is inspired by the Swedish famous auroras ornamental, Abbey library in national park unique topography and geomorphology, texture of extremely light atmosphere and one-piece panoramic awning, build a unique sensory experience.Translucent backlit decor creates a natural, soothing light and modern atmosphere that complements the vibrant cockpit space.According to the pre-sale of the all-new all-electric C40, Volvo cars launched the quadruple courtesy protection for the first batch of all-electric C40 users.From now until April 20, users who pre-order the pure ELECTRIC C40 through the official direct sale will enjoy the online payment of 2,022 yuan deposit against 5,000 yuan deposit expansion;As the total number of orders during the pre-order period accumulates, additional perks will be provided to all pre-order users, including JINGdong cards, Hema cards and Baohua Weijian headphones, with a total value of up to 17,000 YUAN.Volvo will also offer a 20% discount to some car buyers;There are also “2 free basic maintenance in 3 years, massive V value” and other first treatment, worth more than 30,000 yuan.At the same time, Volvo electric car owners can also enjoy the Volvo mobility car service, for long-distance travel escort.