Why is Liu Xiu stronger than Liu Bang?

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Although both the Eastern and Western Han dynasties belonged to the Han Dynasty, they were completely different in system.Many people say that Liu Xiu is a master of zte, but I think liu Xiu is the founding monarch, and even in the process of establishing the Eastern Han dynasty, the difficulty is much more difficult than Liu Bang.In fact, there are many history buffs who always like to compare the two of them. Who has the stronger comprehensive ability?In 202 BC, Liu Bang proclaimed himself emperor in Dingtao, Shandong province, and made chang ‘an his capital. It lasted 210 years until 8 AD, when Wang Mang abolished Ruziying as crown prince and the Western Han Dynasty collapsed.The eastern Han dynasty was founded by Emperor Guangwu Liu Xiu, the ninth grandson of Liu Bang. He ascended to the throne in 25 AD and made luoyang his capital. In 220 AD, Cao PI abolished Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty.The Western Han lasted longer than the eastern Han. Liu Bang raised his army in peixian county in 209 BC and became emperor in 202. It took only seven years, but his opponent was Xiang Yu.It was relatively easy for Liu Bang to establish the Western Han dynasty. He secretly dispatched his troops from Hanzhong, and negotiated peace with Xiang Yu after the battle of Pengcheng and the battle of Xingyang. Later, he broke the contract, allied with Han Xin and Peng Yue, and defeated Xiang Yu and seized the kingdom.Let’s take a look at liu Xiu’s road to the founding of the country. It was much more difficult than his predecessor Liu Bang. Liu Xiu entered Hebei and suppressed tongma, Chonglian, Dagang and Wufan tribes successively.At that time, however, there were still dozens of separate regimes, large and small. Liu Xiu established the Eastern Han Dynasty with Luoyang as the center, and began to wage war in the north and the South, and to wage war in the east and the West.It took him fifteen years to sweep the Guandong, level the East China Sea, conquer Yan Ji, town Red Mei, swallow troops in Longxi, and finally destroy Shu.In terms of difficulty, Liu Xiu used more than twice the time of Liu Bang, so the difficulty coefficient of unification is far more than Liu Bang.Then look at the civil officials and military generals in the group, Liu Bang’s advisers mainly include Xiao He, Zhang Liang, Chen Ping and Lishiqi.However, Xiao he was mainly in charge of provisions and logistics, Lishiqi mainly focused on diplomacy, in fact, only Zhang Liang and Chen Ping gave advice in the war.Liu Bang’s generals mainly included Han Xin, Fan Kuai, Peng Yue, Ying Bu and Zhou Bo, among whom Han Xin had the greatest ability and merit.And Liu Xiu’s think tank, should be a famous yuntai twenty-eight generals, “The Book of the Later Han” records: “zte twenty-eight generals, the previous life that should be twenty-eight, not detailed also.However salty can feel the wind and cloud, courageously its wisdom and courage, known as zuo Life, also the people who can also “.Liu Xiu’s road to the founding of the country, Yuntai 28 will play a major role, deng Yu and Feng Yi and other people are the mainstay of Liu Xiu, civil officials and military officers on both sides of the reluctant to play a draw.Finally compare two people’s character.Born in a poor family, Liu Bang was able to stand out from the rest of the world, of course, he had a superior side, but after he took over the world, in order to eliminate worries, he successively killed Zang Tu, Han Xin, Peng Yue, Yingbu and other people.Liu Xiu, on the other hand, was also a peasant, but he was cautious and generous, broad-minded and kind to people.As the emperor, and did not waste a person killed, although Liu Xiu in the process of unifying the world will also have decisive determination to kill, but more than other emperors a soft heart.Therefore, Liu Xiu was an emperor of excellent ability and personality, and even better than Liu Bang.