30W class budget to choose one, xiaopeng P7, tesla Model3 who wins?

2022-05-10 0 By

The idea of changing cars has been in my mind for a long time. In fact, I have two pre-selected models in my mind, which are the current popular new energy models, xiaopeng P7 and tesla Model3, priced at about 30W. As the main sales force of their respective brands, the strength of the two models can not be underestimated, so which one should I choose?Although the price of the two cars is about 30W, it requires a stronger heart to start with tesla Model3. The changeable price has affected its market reputation. In this respect, xiaopeng P7 appears to be much more stable, so from the comparison of the warranty rate,The retention rate of xiaopeng P7 is higher than that of tesla Model3.Xiaopeng P7 Tesla Model3 has its own intelligence level competition. Compared with the quality guarantee rate of the model, I actually pay more attention to the intelligence level of new energy models. In order to experience the two cars more clearly, I specially borrowed a car from a friend for comparison.First, I tried driving a tesla Model3. I had high expectations for it because it was so popular, but I was still a little confused about driving a car without a dashboard for the first time.Look at intelligent driving assistance, which is a specialty of tesla Model3. It can enter/exit the parking space after hearing the “call”, intelligent parking/lane change, etc., and the sense of technology is grasped.Next, I tried driving Xiaopeng P7, which is said to be a “god car”. After I started to experience it, I found that intelligent technology is indeed strong enough.Xiaopeng P7 is equipped with a sense of suspension through the screen, 10.25 inches high-definition full LCD intelligent instrument +14.96 inches touch screen, very visual impact.In terms of driving assistance configuration, the most eye-catching function of Xiaopeng P7 is NGP, which can realize a variety of operations, such as conventional on-ramp, intelligent overtaking/lane change/following out of the car, as well as avoiding large trucks, identification, traffic cones, faulty vehicles and so on.After the test drive of xiaopeng P7, I have made a decision. Whether from the sense of science and technology of the interior or the configuration of intelligent driving assistance, it is obvious that Xiaopeng P7 is more in line with my requirements. After comprehensively considering the cost performance and warranty rate of the model, I finally decide to buy Xiaopeng P7 to support a wave of domestic products.