A 91-year-old man’s chicken bone stuck in his throat during New Year’s Eve dinner.

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During the Spring Festival holiday, relatives and friends gather together to avoid all kinds of banquets, but in the atmosphere of happy reunion, accidents are hard to avoid.A 91-year-old grandfather, Wu, almost died after accidentally swallowing a chicken bone during a New Year’s Eve dinner.Fortunately, zhang Weifeng, chief physician of the Department of gastroenterology of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, led the medical team to successfully “get bone” under the endoscope for 10 minutes, and the old man was saved!On New Year’s Eve, the whole family is happy.Grandpa Wu, who lives in the south of Jiangsu Province, was reunited with his family to enjoy a Lunar New Year feast.Is laughing and talking, the unfortunate thing happened – Wu grandpa after eating a piece of chicken, feel the throat has foreign body feeling, like being stuck, so he took the “earth method” – swallow rice ball, hoping to be able to put the card in the throat of the chicken bones to swallow.However, after two days, foreign body sensation did not disappear, but gradually aggravating pharyngeal pain, accompanied by dysphagia and other symptoms.Wu grandpa immediately at home near the hospital for medical treatment, was diagnosed as “esophageal foreign body”, the local hospital advised him to transfer to a large hospital treatment as soon as possible.On the third day of the New Year, Grandpa Wu accompanied by his family members to the Emergency medical center of jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, hoping to get rid of this “deadly chicken bone”.The patient’s condition is very urgent.The center of emergency Medicine immediately contacted zhang Weifeng, chief physician of gastroenterology department, who stuck to his post during the Spring Festival.Through examination, the foreign body has been deeply embedded in the wall of the food tube, entrained a large number of chicken, rice has been highly decomposed, the local inflammatory reaction is heavy, and the patient has hardly eaten for several days, the body is very weak, must be quickly “bone removal”, otherwise the local tissue will be further necrosis, infection, the patient will be in danger of life!According to Zhang Weifeng, the patient is 91 years old, has many basic diseases, and has esophageal foreign body for several days. In view of this situation, the difficulty and risk of endoscopic bone extraction are also very high, which requires that the operation must be completed quickly, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.After completing the relevant preoperative examination, Zhang Weifeng immediately contacted xiang Lulu, the nurse on duty, and Zhou Suli, a doctor from the department of anesthesia and perioperative medicine, to prepare for the endoscopic bone removal.Zhang Weifeng told reporters that the awake state of foreign body removal than ordinary gastroscopy is more painful, patients often can not cooperate, if conditions permit, as far as possible under general anesthesia to remove foreign bodies, can be more smooth and faster removal of foreign bodies.After careful assessment by Doctor Zhou Suli, Uncle Wu’s cardiopulmonary function is good, and anesthesia can be carried out.The hospital immediately opened a green channel for Grandpa Wu, the first time to carry out anesthesia gastroscopy to remove esophageal foreign body surgery.Zhang recalled that, consistent with the examination results, when the endoscope was inserted 15 cm from the incisor teeth, a large amount of solid food debris seriously affected the vision.”This food must be removed before we can find the culprit in the throat!”With the close cooperation of the medical team, Zhang weifeng used forceps to remove food debris nearly a dozen times, and finally found the chicken bone deeply stuck in the wall of the food tube at the entrance of the esophagus (16 centimeters from the incisor teeth).Next, the most difficult bone extraction operation is actually just beginning.Chicken bones are about 2cm long and deeply embedded, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty and risk of “bone removal”.While carefully clamping one end of the foreign body, Zhang Weifeng repeatedly adjusted the position to dissociate the wall of the esophagus, and slowly dissociated the whole chicken bone to the esophagus and brought it out of the body.To make sure there was no foreign body left, Zhang went into the microscope again. As expected, there was a significant defect in the wall of the esophagus on one side of the patient, and a large amount of rotten chicken remains.With the skillful cooperation of xiang Lulu, the endoscopy nurse, Zhang Weifeng cleaned up the rotten chicken completely. After repeated observation, no residual foreign matter was found before he was relieved to remove the lens.The whole operation process is quick and simple, which only takes 10 minutes. The patient’s condition is stable after surgery. After anti-infection, rehydration and nutritional support, the patient can go back to the nearby hospital to continue infusion treatment.Zhang Weifeng, chief physician, said that digestive tract foreign body is a common emergency in the department of gastroenterology, and patients often accidentally swallow foreign body due to careless diet.So, how should we prevent esophageal foreign body?Director Zhang told reporters that it is particularly important to develop good dining habits.”Don’t laugh loudly when eating, chew food thoroughly before swallowing, especially when eating food with bone or core,” he said, noting that dentures should be checked frequently to see if they are loose.”It is necessary to strengthen the care of the elderly and infants when eating,” Zhang said, because the elderly and children’s chewing and swallowing ability is weak, it is recommended that the elderly over 70 and children under 3 years old before eating chicken, duck, fish and jujube food, with the help of family members before eating.Zhang Weifeng reminded, during the Spring Festival, especially to take good care of the home coins, marbles, batteries and other small objects, to avoid children eating.If encountered foreign body stuck throat, how to deal with?Zhang said the first thing to do is to keep calm and stop eating and drinking to slow down peristalsis and prevent foreign bodies from penetrating the esophagus.Two is strictly prohibited to take “swallow rice ball, eat leek, drink vinegar” and other soil methods, because these methods will make the foreign body in the throat into the esophagus, increase the difficulty of taking foreign body, and may damage the throat and esophagus;Third, they should go to a regular hospital as soon as possible accompanied by their family members. Through chest CT, the position of esophageal foreign body and its relationship with adjacent organs should be determined, and the surrounding great vessels should be kept on alert.Xinhua Daily · intersection point reporter Zhong Chongshan correspondent Chen Xinyue Zhou Ningren statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com