A wuhan football fan with 30 years of experience, the result of last night’s national football team was not surprised, you?

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Yesterday, on the first day of Chinese New Year, in the World Cup Asian Round of 12, China men’s Football Team away 1:3 by Vietnam team, theoretically has no qualification may (of Qatar at the World Cup at the end of this year, Chinese audiences continue when eating melon masses) Chinese soccer team during the Spring Festival and sent this gift, a gift to the next to the Vietnamese (Vietnam finally ushered in the first game of a match), and this is the first time since 1959 after losing to Vietnam,For the first time in 63 years, the Chinese men’s national football team has given a big gift.Talk a lot about the Chinese men’s football, net, small make up a collection of related poking fun at text to share with you, not for other purposes, lose, you have to allow fans comment and fun, if you can’t face up to the fans, you also could not find the root cause of the problem, nature also cannot find the solution (the so-called lost more to encourage is deluding themselves) in the first place,Is Vietnam at the scene of the female fans celebrate the victory of A photo, to paraphrase the next two sayaka’s words, who does not eat meal of dumplings, New Year just didn’t think of Vietnamese dumplings is China’s second team surrender is summarized by the three big thing, this year C look at the team’s late to buy A shares, these three can bear down, you still have what difficulties cannot be overcome?Some netizens have said that the national football Association’s ideology needs to be strengthened. At the beginning of last year, the new chairman of the Football Association has done a lot of work in this regard, and various encouraging activities have been carried out frequently.So what’s the problem?’Of China’s 1.4 billion people, can’t you find 11 good soccer players?Really can not find out, soccer and table tennis, table tennis as long as the talented athletes, coupled with a good coach can make achievements (one behind closed doors to practice), and sports, football is a pyramid requires a lot of the underlying the masses to participate, the generation of star also is in produce high levels of the game, this and Chinese traditional sports strengths,Sports such as weightlifting and diving, which can be trained by individuals, are completely different. It is said that China currently has only about 100,000 registered professional and amateur soccer players, compared with several million in Germany.First of all, no one thinks he or she has a high income. In fact, the higher the income, the more motivated he or she is to work, and the lower the income, the worse the situation.Secondly, the high income of Chinese football players is due to the huge football market in China (China electricity compared to Myanmar electricity, whose income is higher?Obviously, it is China Electric Power, which has nothing to do with the service level, just because our market is bigger), we have a very good foundation of football (this is also the reason why Xiaobian believes that Chinese football will rise one day, we have the market, but we just haven’t found the right development path),Professional football players face little competition in the market (Brazilian and Argentine players face much more competition in the market), so football is far from being the same as employees in electric banks. Being lucky to get high salaries is never the deciding factor of a local football level. Interest is the key.Another netizen said, “Chinese football is going backwards. In the past, they could beat Southeast Asia based on their size. Now, they lost to Thailand 1:5 and Vietnam 1:3.The Chinese national team did not progress, but to say back is very big also does not conform to the reality, to be honest, is somebody else’s rapid progress, naturally we will appear lags behind, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, the somebody else is honestly learning the experience of European football advanced countries, the football to the market, let love boss run football, go back to the crowd for the league.The other people’s FOOTBALL association, never the club’s superior, will not interfere in the club’s operation, not to mention how the league is arranged, the rights and obligations are clear and clear.In a country where high school students do not play football, it is impossible for the national team to achieve results. Many people know this truth, but many people are more eager for quick success and immediate benefits.Epilogue, small make up want to say is, Chinese football still has hope, after all, we have a huge market, as long as the path by the way, funds are flowing into, talent will be endless, rise of football is not impossible in the end, with net friend doggerel end are you laughing at the team’s play, the team’s smile you still are you laughing at the team’s play ugly,National foot laugh you single dog you laugh national foot kick disorderly, national foot laugh you move brick slow you laugh national foot kick, national foot laugh you stupid bear