Children aged 3-12 years Old English learning website recommendation, free download resources, give baby the new semester

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Today, xiao E is going to recommend these 8 websites to you. The materials provided are of great practical value. Most of them are exercise books commonly used by foreign children.Best of all, you can download these free PDF files, print them out, and give your kids practice!Let’s prepare for the new term together!Age covered all English learning database website: for age: 3 + (to the high school has a small workbook) the site small E recommended wall crack, the above offer a variety of exercise books, online games, classroom activities, teaching plan and scientific experiments…According to the grade, subject, course content is very detailed.What is recommended is that its Worksheets section provides parents with exercise books on various topics, such as English spelling, phonics, words, short stories, etc., which can be downloaded and printed in PDF for free. It is very suitable for children to practice after class.What’s more, the picture style is also very cute, children will love it.Super rich English short reading practice website: for age: 3 to 12 years old and this is a very powerful web site!Suitable for children aged 3-12, very carefully classified.For preschoolers, you can find suitable materials for alphabet, phonics, etc.There are also a variety of workbooks for senior students, including basic words, short stories, and writing.E particularly recommends its Reading Comprehension section, which provides a wealth of English stories for children of all ages. Each story is accompanied with corresponding exercises, which is of great help to improve children’s English Reading ability.Can learn English together parent-child reading website: for age: 2 to 12 years old on this site, parents can download a lot with reading book, there are hundreds of this, starting from 2 years old, have been used can be middle school.And, of course, there are many children’s favorite picture books, such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, etc.Many parents have a worry. When reading with their children, they don’t know how to interact with picture books.These workbooks, which teach parents in detail how to learn alphabet, maths, science, colour and drawing with their children, come with colouring-in cards or game cards to use together, and can be downloaded and printed for free!This is a website for learning English, there are letters, phonics, words, stories, rhymes, learning games and all kinds of learning cards, all are PDF files, can be downloaded and printed out.In addition, most of the pictures of these documents are black and white lines. E thinks it is a very good coloring book for young children, which can greatly improve their enthusiasm and interest in learning English.This website looks simple, but its function is very powerful!It provides problem sets for children in the United States from Preschool to sixth grade in a variety of subjects, not just English, but history, math, music, science and more.The site also does a good job of searching for material by age, or subject, or subject.Best of all, these are free downloads that parents can download and print out for their children to practice on.Progressive nature spell learning information website: for age: 3-8 years old it is a natural spell learning website, function is very powerful!It is divided into six stages according to different ages and school ages to help children learn phonics step by step.Each stage offers free audio, video, short stories, workbook files.Parents can dig into exercise book resources, it is very helpful for children to learn phonics.Development program learning habits of the website: for age: more than 3 years old and then give you recommend a small E very like web site!This site is more like a tool site than the previous recommended learning site.It provides various forms for everyone, for example, parents and children can make a new semester study plan, housework plan, reading plan, exercise plan and so on.On the one hand, the English schedule can give children an English environment;On the other hand, these schedules can help children develop good study and living habits.And the design of these plans are very lovely tong Qu, I believe that children with this love, will adhere to the completion of the above plan.This is today’s small E to everyone recommended 8 free download print English learning material website!Parents and friends quickly collect to help children find the state of school.Mom and dad, do you have any suitable for children’s English learning website, also recommend to other partners!Welcome to share with you in the comments below!