For this moment, but also for the next!The most adorable winter Olympics is coming

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The closer the dream, the more burning blood!Tonight, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games will officially open, athletes will usher in the dream moment on the field, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games also lit up countless people’s passion for ice and snow, here are a few “special” Sichuan athletes for this moment, but also dream of the next moment!On February 4th, Sichuan Daily, Sichuan Guan News and China Mobile Migu jointly created a creative hand-drawn animation titled “The Dream of Ice Building! 2022 Just Burns” to welcome the Winter Olympics. The animation received special support from Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and Sanxingdui Museum.The animation takes the Chinese ink painting as the invitation, and connects the talented girl Gu Ailing with her dream to invite guests from all over the world to an appointment of ice and snow.Sichuan’s two super IP, Giant Panda and Sanxingdui, joined hands to challenge the Winter Olympics, inviting GU Ailing, a number expert, Meet GU “Trans-dimensional” as skiing coach.What kind of sparks will this pair of “interdimensional” masters and apprenses have?Turn on the video and keep up with this amazing metasomes adventure!
Overlooking xiling Snow Mountain, Siguniang Mountain, Gongga Mountain…Live in surrounded by mountains in sichuan panda and sanxingdui big man in the ice and snow as if have the inherent advantage to forest stages for training venues depending on the frozen lake valley love ling MeetGu compete, didn’t also in fear of short track speed skating, figure skating JianXiang of giant panda’s movement on the ice well the frustration, don’t be discouraged even if consolation:The panda X Sanxingdui Joint team won the first prize in curling, bobsled and other events. From strange to familiar, from clumsy to proficient, each practice is a new challenge to the limits of self!Winter Olympics approaching China’s snow and ice sports just burn as a dream, heroic!2022 To the future together!The last of the last film also hid in a number of small eggs: ice blue black bamboo green winter jasmine yellow mountain Red rings elements into Chinese ink paintings become the brightest color shows up in the ice and snow line Shall not be virtual footnote of sichuan talk is to emphasize the games athletes of gas producer: li producers: Fang Xiaohu total planning: Zhong Li Li-dong zhang as a whole: Ma Yanlin Zhu Ke yao original painting:Huang Qi zhou Tong Editing: Li Lei Coordination: Yangbo Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Sanxingdui Museum special support background music “Dragon Gate” authorized by Henan Daongrong Media Technology Co., LTD