Tangyin City Pass: Pay tribute to youth

2022-05-10 0 By

The ship of time has sailed into 2022, and February is still chilly and march is not far away.We have reason to believe that all good things will come as promised.When the New Year’s bell is still ringing in the ears, the footsteps of February are quietly greeted by our eyes, please allow us to give you a fine count.This is the pursuit of a lifetime may not be able to complete the dream.In February, will usher in a spring, that is looking forward to, that is happy, that is warm, that is a smile!This season, is the season to write poems with spring flowers, a school of pure and pure, in their prime.Every time stop, every time look back, nothing else, just to listen to the young life and spring encounter.Then in the future, if there is a chance we can get together and enjoy the scenery, stories and times together.In 2022, at the beginning of the New Year, omicron, the third generation of COVID-19 virus, attacked Tangyin, our hometown of thousands of years old and yue Fei’s hometown, which was so unexpected.The grim situation of epidemic prevention and control has doomed this to be an extraordinary, arduous, once-in-a-century, smoke-free war.Nucleic acid testing and sampling were conducted once a day and three times a day for the whole population. From setting up sites, organizing residents to wait in line for inspection, picking up quarantines, controlling checkpoints, implementing home quarantine measures, and blocking streets and lanes, a group of young people were active in each position of this special battle, running a group of lovely elves.During this period, we witnessed the crucial test of life and death together, but also saw the brief human joys and sorrows.We have gone through some difficult days together, not despondently, but with hope, and we have risen to the occasion.Up to now, although still not fully ushered in a bright future, but has realized the good long-cherished wish of low risk in the whole region.Therefore, we can proudly say that “victory is in sight, the dawn is in front, and the complete unsealing is not far away.”The picture of you fighting day and night, regardless of your own lives, is as deeply engraved in everyone’s mind as a color war movie, becoming the most pure and beautiful scenery in life.Looking at your tender shoulders shouldbear the heavy load that should belong to us, I will not forget how many people have not taken a bath, how many people have not changed clothes, and how many people can not go back to their homes for several days, even eating without hours, the night can not sleep, let us feel the most is moved, admiration and love dearly.Perhaps, such experience will become a precious treasure in your life, in the future life journey will be indomitable, to reach the top, or the other side of success.Young and excellent volunteers, because of your hard work, regardless of gain and loss, make chengguan town residents’ lives become rich and beautiful.One day soon, we will say goodbye to each other, goodbye is not no more, please know that we miss and miss.One of your big Brothers three o ‘clock in the morning, February 4, 2022 (Correspondent: Zhu Lina)