Work Tour of 2021, Chengbei Road campus, Suqian Branch of Middle School attached to South Normal University

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Looking back on 2021, there are such a group of people working together for the common goal, laughing together, realizing the significance of growth and gaining the profound friendship.Under the guidance of the school motto, Grade 6 follows the school philosophy of “Three gardens and three sounds”, and steadily pushes forward grade work, achieving good progress on the road of sustainable and healthy development.The learning of gakuen club starts from the teacher. Reading exchange, political study and teaching and research exchange have become the norm among grade 6 teachers.Learning-oriented teachers and learning-oriented students create a strong learning atmosphere with the sound of books in the morning, earnest exploration in class and orderly review after class.In addition to learning, rich practical activities make learning more substantial. The “journey to find music” in folk music hall makes children feel the charm of “music”.Poetry recitation, health lectures, children’s learning to build a display platform.Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, teachers and students volunteers to bring beauty to life.John Dewey, American educator, said, “If you want to change a man, you must first change his environment. As the environment changes, he is changed.”The children living in the beautiful campus regard the campus as their home, start from the class, start from make the home clean!Pay attention to civilized etiquette, train students to start now, start from the self, start from the point, start from every moment, so that the home is full of elegant civilization.Growing Paradise Living in the home and growing up in the school, the sixth-grade Young Pioneers become role models for the new members.At the sports meeting, we harvested the happiness of sports and showed the elegant demeanor of teenagers.Growth on the road to sweat, more harvest, growth more successful happiness!The Year of Yin tiger is coming as scheduled. In the New Year, the north campus of The city has teachers who are united and forging ahead, and students who are diligent, and will surely be full of harvest!Source: Suqian Branch school, Chengbei Road campus