New District held 2022 market supervision work conference Sun Min attended and delivered a speech

2022-05-11 0 By

On the morning of February 23, the new District held a meeting on market supervision in 2022.Sun Min, deputy director of the management Committee, attended the meeting and made a speech.The meeting pointed out that the year 2022 is the beginning of the implementation of the “strengthening provincial capitals” campaign, and we should pay close attention to the work arrangements and various targets and tasks in the new area, and strive to create a relaxed and convenient access environment, a fair and orderly market environment, and a safe and assured consumer environment for the high-quality and leap-forward development of the new area.We should focus on improving the business environment, further deepen reform of the business system and other areas, give top priority to cultivating and strengthening market players, and fully support their development and growth.We should learn from advanced experience and practice, make further efforts in system, coordination and work, give full play to the supporting role of the quality system, and strive to promote the transformation and upgrading of “manufacturing in the new District” to “brand in the new District”.