Corolla Reefer listed Kunming, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang southwest four city happiness bloom

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The morning of February 19, 2022, faw Toyota corolla sharp in a very unique way and everyone we meet, kunming, chengdu, chongqing and guiyang four cities started at the same time, offline activities are held respectively in four cities, but the manufacturer leading collaborative media and other three cities of kunming media partners, together online will open up a communication across space and time,Talk about the present and future of brand products.From January 20, the cloud debut, countless FAW Toyoda fans will be eagerly waiting, and now finally the real car to the store, you can go to the store at any time for real car appreciation.You can’t talk about the Corolla Without mentioning the Corolla.Since the birth of the first generation in 1966, it has kept pace with The Times, constantly evolving, selling in 150 countries.Corolla with high quality, durability, reliability, won the global sales of 50 million users trust and high quality reputation precipitation, formed a corolla unique brand totem.The carola, which inherits the excellent gene of Corolla, adopts lightweight engine optimization design, low fuel consumption, high performance, and fully realizes the improvement of fuel economy. The fuel consumption of 100km only needs 5.9L, ensuring the best fuel consumption in the same level.At the same time, the whole corolla Is equipped with TSS2.0 Smarthang safety system, up to 9 SRS air pockets and high strength body structure, providing solid safety protection for you and your family anytime and anywhere.In addition to having corolla DNA, the Corolla Regency also has the design and performance of the FAW-Toyota SUV family.In the appearance of the family design language, the overall head design is also more close to rongfang, tough SUV temperament in a glance.In the black plastic wheel eyebrows will also find some glorious feeling, the body side also increased the plastic protection plate, the whole car waist line is full of power sense, full, in line with the AESTHETIC vision of SUV.What is amazing is that it not only has the longest body length of 4460mm in the same class, but also has the smallest turning radius of 5.2m in the same class.And the Corolla Reamer has a higher chassis passability, high accessibility to the ground, can be competent in outdoor outing complex road conditions.Its stable and durable suspension, the front suspension takes into account the operation stability and ride comfort, the rear suspension provides more smooth and comfortable ride comfort, can ensure that in the outdoor bumpy road can still have a comfortable.Corolla Rayon all models, starting at 129,800 yuan, a total of five versions, the price range of 129,800-169,800 yuan.Although the price is close to the people, but the strength is overall beyond the same level of models, in the compact SUV market few rivals.Obviously, Corolla Has already shown a burst of potential, is bound to open a wonderful car life for more users.And the initial period of the listing policy is full of sincerity, the maximum enjoy 3000 yuan replacement subsidies;Zero interest on 24 terms with a 60% down payment; zero interest on 12 terms with a 40% down payment;Up to five years of low interest, down payments as low as 20%.For the initial order customers can enjoy the value of 2500 yuan oil package.As the arrival of Carola sharp put, faW Toyota “put” family in addition to land put, ling fang, rong Fang and add a quantity to sell SUV.In this way, faW Toyota SUV product matrix and finely differentiated market will be more perfect, and entry-level users can enjoy the high-quality enjoyment brought by FAW Toyota, providing customers with better car experience and more car choices.