In the concept of stocks suffered heavy losses, Jinshan cloud and other shares plunged more than 40%, domestic private equity bigshots called terror

2022-05-12 0 By

Eastern time on Monday, the recurrence of the general stock market.By the end of the day, Anpeke, Jinshanyun, Yimei International fell more than 40%, Hong En, Urwork fell more than 30%, Zhiwen Group, Zhihu, Dada, iQiyi and other shares fell more than 20%, Alibaba, JINGdong, NiO and Ideal automobile fell more than 10%.In view of this situation, Dan Bin, head of Oriental Harbor, posted a dynamic call on his personal social platform: “Terror, even a 10% drop is good.”Danbin’s Oriental Harbor, founded in March 2004, was one of the earliest private equity funds in China and one of the first 33 institutions in China to obtain a private equity fund management license, according to public documents.In February 2022, but Lin said: “the eastern bay was founded 18 years, in the past years has experienced the economic crisis, the crisis of liquor 08, 2015, the stock market fell sharply, and so on, the overall still has made some achievements, but since after the Spring Festival in 2021 eastern bay of a-shares and Hong Kong investment was not well done, it makes me very concern.”At that time, Bin also said that it decided to (will) all the products of the Oriental Harbor accumulated net value of less than 1 yuan of management fees will not be collected, returned to 1 yuan or more.In this way, the company’s income will be less than 100 million yuan, and it will bring some pressure to the company’s operation. But in difficult times, Oriental Harbor hopes to tide over the difficulties together with customers.Weekly (article | the financial world Tang Guo)