“New Year walk grassroots” New Year’s Eve guard bridge people

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New Year’s Eve, the time of family reunion.Hunan Xiangtan Xiangjiang railway bridge across the city, in the second bloom of fireworks flickering.A small bungalow of less than 15 square meters stands alone on the side of the bridge.Hold the light, look, turn…Liu xinfu walked out of the door and stood upright, deftly completing a standard pickup process.Every 10 minutes or so, a train roared past him, cold and windy.Liu Xinfu is a watchman at the Loudi section of Guangzhou Railway Group.He and three colleagues have been stationed there for years, serving as “eyes” for moving trains and “sentries” to keep Bridges open.Protective flags by day, flashlights by night.The watchman’s job seems simple and boring, but he has great responsibility. He must keep his eyes and ears open and inform the train driver and the station in time if he finds any danger.”The white light means normal passage, the yellow light means slow movement, and the red light means temporary stop in danger.”Liu Xinfu demonstrates his flashlight to reporters.Liu xinfu, 57, has worked in the railway system for 41 years since he took to the road in 1981.It was the 12th New Year’s Eve he had spent on the job, and the third year in a row he had spent on the bridge.”I’ve been here since 4:30.”Pick up the gap, Liu Xinfu sipped strong tea and chatted with reporters.In order to let the colleagues stationed in the daytime go home early for reunion, he will change the shift time half an hour earlier.Before leaving, Liu Xinfu had just said goodbye to his daughter’s boyfriend.”The young man wanted to stay and have dinner together, but I had to work the night shift, so I sat down and left.”Liu xinfu’s tone was tinged with regret.Working two shifts a day with three colleagues on a bridge, the cycle continues, including holidays.That means Liu will spend two days with the bridge from New Year’s Eve to the third day of the New Year.Usually, more than 80 trains pass through it every day.During the Spring Festival travel rush, there are more than 100 trains a day, with about 40 trains in the evening.Trains come and go, conversations are broken.Through the yellowing Windows, Liu xinfu looked into the distance from time to time. At the first glimpse of a dim light, he stopped talking and turned on his flashlight, waiting outside the door early.”It’s my destiny to keep this bridge until I retire.”Xiangtan Xiangjiang Railway Bridge was built in 1936 and opened to traffic in 1954.When Liu xinfu’s grandmother opened a restaurant under the bridge, she picked up a young bridge worker, Liu Zezheng, who was Liu Xinfu’s father.”Three generations of us are both witnesses and guardians of the bridge, so to speak.”That’s why Liu xinfu is so familiar with the bridge.”The bridge is 844 meters long and 36.2 meters wide, with 2,188 sleepers and 26,300 bolts.During the day, they do rounds every two hours and make 80-minute trips back and forth.”While speaking, New Year’s bell sounded.Fireworks reflected red sky, reflected red Xiangjiang water, reflected red railway bridge, also reflected red Windows of the house.Sister pinched the time to call the New Year, Liu Xinfu afraid of missing the car, a few simple greetings on hurriedly hung up.”A family is not round!”Liu xinfu has long been used to the “reunion festival without reunion”.A person alone punctual, he loves “roar two voice”.His daughter shared the song “A Revolutionary is Always Young” on his wechat account.At midnight, fewer trains cross the bridge.”Let’s celebrate the New Year, too!”Liu Xinfu had already prepared a string of firecrackers, lit in the open outside.The shift began at 7 am the next day, and Liu drank tea frequently to fight off drowsiness.Two o ‘clock in the morning, the reporter set foot on the way home, he will continue to adhere to, until the first ray of light in the year of the Tiger.