Sugar oranges are so sweet that diabetics can really eat them?Unclear advice to look at

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In winter, orange is listed season, many different kinds of oranges, and the palate is rich, water tender, like everyone, especially the new prepared some entertaining oranges can be eaten or used to chase play, is a good choice, and orange is very popular, the sugar taste sweet, thin skin, small, everyone likes, sand sugar orange nutritious substances,It helps to eat in moderation.The effect and effect of granulated sugar orange?Regulate spleen and stomach: sugar orange is one of the important effect of spleen appetizer, this kind of fruit peel contains more volatile oil and aromatic compounds, absorbed by the body, make intestines and stomach stimulation, to speed up the secretion of digestive fluid ability, make the intestinal accumulated waste, improve digestion, prevent spleen discord, and so on and so forth.Beauty: sugar orange and ordinary orange are the same, the pulp contains vitamin C, can play an antioxidant effect, after eating can remove free radicals, reduce the damage to the body, delay the speed of skin aging, so that the formation of melanin to inhibit the effect of preventing spots.In addition, vitamin C can make collagen synthesis, and ensure that the skin is young, delicate and smooth. Therefore, eating sugar oranges regularly is also helpful for beauty and beauty.Lowering blood pressure: tangerine of sugar orange can strengthen the toughness of capillaries, lower blood pressure and expand the coronary arteries of the heart, so oranges are food for preventing coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Studies have confirmed that eating oranges can reduce the cholesterol deposited in the arteries and help to reverse atherosclerosis.Blood vessel protection: sugar orange contains a substance called rutin, sugar orange peel decoction and alcohol extract can stimulate the heart muscle, but when the dose is too large, it will inhibit. This substance has a good effect on blood vessels, and the pectin in sugar orange also has a certain prevention effect on arteriosclerosis caused by high fat diet.At the same time, it can ensure the elasticity of blood vessels. Eating sugar orange can reduce the brittleness of blood vessel wall, so sugar orange can prevent cerebral hemorrhage in patients with hypertension, and prevent retinal hemorrhage in patients with diabetes.Improve immunity: sugar orange fruit nutritional value is very high, contains more cellulose and vitamin C and fruit acid, citric acid, malic acid and other substances, can make the body’s inflammation to eliminate, help the regeneration of immune cells, increase the body’s resistance to disease.Sugar orange is very sweet, can diabetic people eat it?Unclear suggestions look at the clinical findings, diabetes patients need to reduce sugar high food, sugar oranges should not eat too much, can be appropriate to eat sugar oranges.In life, for patients with gout, diabetes, hypertension need to eat less, because orange contains citric acid and vitamin C, play a beauty effect, eliminate fatigue, appropriate eating is good for the body, can reduce cholesterol, for diabetes patients can eat appropriately, can not eat too much.The taboo of eating granulated sugar orange?Old people should eat less, kidney and gastrointestinal and lung function in the elderly are poor, if old people eat orange much, can make knee pain or abdominal pain, and so on and so forth, and orange to eat more easily lose, itself physical quality is bad, eat oranges situation were more apparent, will feel tired, the body appear discomfort.Diarrhea people: sugar orange water is more, cellulose, fruit acid and other nutrients, eating can play a laxative, diuretic, help digestion effect, for the body in the period of diarrhea of the crowd, eat sugar orange will make dietary fiber and water increase, thus stimulating the stomach and intestines increase, make diarrhea more obvious.Carotene hematic disease, avoid to eat: sugar orange contains a lot of carotene, eating too much will make the digestion and absorption of carotenoids can’t timely, excess carotene in mucous membrane of the skin and corneous layer deposition, cause carotene blood disease, make the skin appear yellow, the crowd itself suffers from carotene disease may not can’t eat the sugar orange, in order to prevent illness.Healthy New Year