Tax evasion by smuggling seafood 59.6 million yuan!The downfall of a mega-family crime ring!

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Seafood business is booming, but because of the high price of some seafood products and the high cost of import and transportation, some lawless elements will aim at another “way to become rich” and gain profits through smuggling.A few days ago, Beijing customs anti-smuggling bureau seized a hong led a family smuggling criminal gang.Hong’s smuggling gang has been smuggling frozen seafood from South America, Vietnam and other overseas regions to sell in China for a long time and profiting a huge amount of illegal profits.Beijing customs decided to take action against hong’s smuggling gang.At 7 o ‘clock in the morning, the sky is still dark, the police came to the suspect’s residential area, because do not understand the situation inside the house, the police decided to go into the apartment building to explore.Hong Tao (alias), it is the eldest son of hong’s smuggling gang chief offender hong some pavilion.At present, Hong a ge almost receded into the background, Hong Tao took over the smuggling gang.The Hong gang is a family crime with six locations across the country.On the day of the arrest, The Beijing Customs combined with the customs of other provinces and six places, caught the Smuggling gang of Hong’s, captured 15 suspects, seized and sealed more than 20 tons of frozen seafood, with a case value of over 200 million YUAN.The smuggling case was heard in public at The Beijing No. 4 Intermediate People’s Court, where more than a dozen defendants were father and son, husband and wife, or relatives.It also opens up the ups and downs of the smuggling family.Hong Mou Gak, 56, is the patriarch of the Hong family and the pioneer of the family business.Hong is also focusing on imported seafood, which has a higher profit margin among all categories.After more than ten years of business, hong a cabinet into the industry to import shrimp sales, all over the country to find hong a cabinet, because hong a cabinet imported shrimp inexpensive.The key with lower price, depend on hong some pavilion to have a replenish stock “golden waterway”.Those who live near the border and meet the criteria are called borderers.The border trade policy is a policy for the benefit of the people in order to promote the healthy development of the border trade and prosperity of the border economy.In this way, Hong managed to evade import duties and value-added taxes by taking advantage of border residents, breaking up the shrimp into parts and removing ants, and then distributing them to other parts of the country.Hong knows the practice is illegal, so he has been looking for ways to evade the crackdown and ensure the family’s smuggling business continues.Smuggling territory is bigger and bigger, hong began to think about successor.Smuggling, illegal, considerable profits, hong some ge the eldest son Hong Tao (pseudonym) identified as the first successor.The hong family’s smuggling activities attracted the attention of the Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau.According to the investigation, during the four years from 2015 to 2019, hongyge smuggling gang smuggled 498 containers of aquatic products into the country by breaking them into pieces by border residents, evading tax of 59.6 million yuan.When the incident occurred, Hong mou ge and its two sons, as well as daughter-in-law, brother-in-law and other people were arrested, the Hong family smuggling business stopped.Over the years, hong a ge painstakingly, accumulated a huge amount of wealth, the whole family in Beijing to buy a number of properties.Beijing No. 4 Intermediate People’s Court confirmed that the defendant Hong Mou Ge committed the crime of smuggling ordinary goods, sentenced to 13 years in prison, a fine of 15 million yuan;His son Hong Tao was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $3 million;More than ten others were also punished accordingly.After the trial, more than 50 years of hong a pavilion issued such feelings.Tax, from the people, for the people.The purpose of taxes is to keep the country running.Whether it is hong Mou Gak who smuggled imported aquatic products to avoid paying customs duties, or the queen of carrying goods micro ya who was fined 1.341 billion yuan, evading taxes, will definitely be punished.Reporter: Wang Jing camera: Liu Hang statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: