Wearing the wrong clothes will make you fat. Remember 6 tips to wear clothes without panicking

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The same clothes some people wear good, some people don’t wear the effect, master the wearing skills, wear the best temperament.According to their own characteristics, in order to wear the most consistent with their temperament of clothes.NO1, if the head overall appears to occupy a large proportion of the body part, appears a little big, try not to choose the style of the halter shirt, otherwise it will appear top-heavy feeling.NO2, women with thick legs should not wear knitted pants. There are some knitted pants, and the pants will be loose and soft. If it is a woman with thick legs, try to avoid such pants, otherwise it will appear fat.NO3, small person wears short skirt to show tall to compare compact lady can choose short skirt to show taller, the version of skirt had better be the design with a few waist, can decorate the body curve that gives schoolgirl charming, show tall show thin, have temperament more.NO4, tall choose long skirt more show temperament medium or tall girls choose long skirt, it is easy to wear a girl’s slender figure, pay attention to the version, try to choose a fitted version, should not be too fat should not be too tight.NO5, medium height or small women try not to wear low waist pants at a time of fashion, but low waist pants are not suitable for everyone, especially small women try not to choose low waist pants.Low-rise pants pull down the waistline, making a height ratio that isn’t tall enough look even shorter.NO6, ladies with relatively wide shoulders try to avoid too wide bubble sleeve for girls with very wide shoulders, if you choose too wide bubble sleeve will appear too strong on the upper body, complex bubble sleeve structure will also appear too complex, so that the overall wear will be slightly cumbersome, not enough neat.Today’s guide to wear to share here, if you feel useful, welcome to pay attention to collect forwarding.I am a little star at the forefront of fashion focus, pay attention to fashion dress, welcome friends to pay attention to not get lost, share fashion dress, WISH you happy, healthy, more and more beautiful.