What is the highest level of selling?

2022-05-12 0 By

Everything can achieve the highest premise is to do things right, to reach the “high realm” is just a feeling and identity attribute.Japanese writer Yitaro Matsuura emphasized in his book Beyond Expectations that sales is not about telling customers “please trust me” or “trust me”.But in the conversation with the other party at the same time, thinking about what kind of speech to win the other party’s recognition, when to be trusted by the other party, show what kind of data the other party will accept them.Instead of rambling on because you know what’s going on, show that you’re nervous and your partner will be more likely to get involved.When I was shopping for a house, WHEN I was confronted with a particularly chatty sale, I was disgusted, as if there was a walk-on waiting for me to dive in.However, when the other party points out the contradictions in the wording, rather than relying on the rhetoric to save the situation, it is better to carefully investigate and reply, so that it is easier to win the other party’s trust.As a salesman, convincing data is much more likely to convince people to accept his offer than “I will make money” or “please trust me”.The same is true of business. It’s people’s emotions that drive business outcomes.If you can master these three feelings skillfully, “approval, trust and acceptance,” work will always go smoothly.The high level you hope to achieve in your work may happen by accident.