A number of local high schools have been reported in advance!How hard did you do it for grades?

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Ha ha, see this problem, can not help but happy!Early start reported?Great!Teachers haven’t had enough of the holiday season yet!According to our understanding, not only is a high school in Suzhou reported in advance, some cities in Henan because of early school, but also on the hot search!A middle school in Wenzhou was also reported for opening early.Our school online class, also reported by students!Because of the epidemic, our winter vacation was postponed for a week.Because it is a high school, the teaching task is heavy. In order to complete the teaching plan, we need to organize students to take online classes at home after they go home.In order to have a good online course, we repeatedly discussed and studied, determined the carrier and organizational form of the online course, and required teachers to register an account, send the online course group number to parents, and tell their children to log in the account to watch the online course.Teachers also prepared lessons in advance.The result?Net class just went up a few classes, education bureau there turns the complaint that comes to a student through government affairs platform!Some students have begun to report online classes.To student of this kind of inform against, my attitude is very firm, inform against to city, province even be Ministry of Education, this net course also go up decided!After most people encounter letters and complaints, they become soft and have no confidence, and quickly act in accordance with the will of the informant.I am so confident because I know that if it were not for the epidemic, the winter holiday would not have come early.In addition, students are returning home early for epidemic prevention and control, not for winter vacation.The teaching task of each semester is certain, and the time of the semester is already planned.What if the students go home a week early and the teaching task is not completely completed?Make up for it through online classes!Netizens may still remember the vast online courses in the spring of 2020, right?Because of the outbreak, the school has been delayed, but isn’t it also a nationwide online class?Delayed school can online class, early holiday online class and what can not?You say, is that the principle?Later, the bureau of education against the students online class report, but also failed.In order to standardize the behavior of schools, education departments at all levels have published the telephone number, email address and even directly report on the website.In my opinion, it is right for the education authorities to regulate the behavior of running schools, which is conducive to the fairness of education and the solution of hot issues that students or teachers are concerned about.Just said, a few days ahead of the holiday online classes have been reported by students, as for the holiday ahead of school, directly is not even think about.Through the photos of several complaints exposed on the Internet, we can see that there are many evidences of students’ complaints, including screenshots of the online course interface, screenshots of wechat group content, pictures and the truth. The success rate of such reports is 100%.This afternoon, the education bureau held a meeting, and the director was furious!Several high schools use the holidays to secretly organize students to make up lessons, including experimental classes and art classes, and the director has a thick pile of whistle-blowing letters in his hand.There’s no way. It’s canceled.The student who reports wins, cheers and celebrates.I wonder, the teacher sacrifice vacation time, free to make up lessons for students, some students not only do not buy it, but to report complaints, what is going on?Have you lost your sense of decency?Perhaps some lazy students do not want to study themselves, nor do they want other students to study, and seek a psychological balance.Matsuko said that it seems that some platforms do not allow to tell the truth, perhaps considering the interests of the platform itself.Worried that the platform becomes an exposure platform, saliva position, by the competent department or directly cancelled the platform, the loss will be serious.Long live understanding!Therefore, in order to protect the interests of the platform, we will not expand the education volume here.Just want to say: teachers are ordinary people, also know more than less?Do you think teachers are born to work?Do you like inrolls?The college entrance examination is a baton, and the evaluation mechanism is also a baton!There is a simple solution to changing the situation in which teachers are involved.Stop right there.I am Matsuko said education, thanks for reading, welcome to follow, let’s talk about education.