Another land in Nantong!For free!For free!

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YiGuo years Visit friends and relatives definitely not villages outside the vehicle during this time also Parking is a big problem In order to facilitate travel companions During the Spring Festival downtown section road temporary parking free parking Free time To this day on February 6, 2022 to 24 free sections Chongchuan district section of a region:, qixin road, city of west branch Class ii areas: clove road, chengdu road, jin and the road, in the city of kam road, yokogawa road, guo garden road, east zhao lane road, north garden road, etc, food, Switzerland abundant garden center, wenfeng road branch, east street, south road, law to protect the back alley, baihua road, baihua road, fung street and peace road three areas:And love, slab bridge road, learn field park road on the east side, Canon, embellish new road, CiBo road, sunglow road, new road, east road stadium, youth, garden road, YunAn branch school, YunAn road, west road, Newport center road, Newport south road on the east side, honghe road, hong yuan road, neosaurus road, south road development zone sections ChangChuan road (helping to college road)Long life high camera berth Changhong road (fuxing east road to the college) Cao Jiadai road (fuxing road to aeon road) set one’s post to better men (Fang Xinglu first sea) set one’s post to better men, reaching Shanghai road new east road (Fang Xinglu first sea) Fang Xinglu (restored to the new east road) Fang Xinglu (xinhe road to the newly opened south road) shimao east squareFuxing East Road (Lincui Road to Caojiadai Road) Changchuan Road (Fuxing East Road to Huise Road) Xinjing Road (Shanghai East Road to Zhenxing Road) Shanghai Road (Jixian Road to Xinkai South Road) Xinkai South Road Subsidiary Road (Fangxing Road to Shanghai Road) Zhenxing East Road Subsidiary Road (Jixian Road – Xindong Road) Zhenxing East Road Subsidiary Road (Xinhe Road to Xinkai South Road)New south road (ruixing reaching to road) so it restored (ruixing reaching to road) xinhe road of Shanghai road reaching new east road, reaching Shanghai road during warm remind free parking Could not arrange management at the scene Please friends to consciously according to sequence according to a park Don’t press line Don’t reverse parking So as not to influence others Remember to close the windowI wish you a happy New Year. I wish you a happy New Year. I wish you a happy New Year.Email address: