Dengfeng City forest Protection station to carry out forestry pest control publicity work

2022-05-13 0 By

Forest pest control is an important guarantee to protect forest resources, maintain ecological security and promote the construction of “beautiful Dengfeng”.In order to popularize the laws and regulations and relevant knowledge of forestry pest control, promote the participation of the whole people in forestry pest control.On February 14, SenFangZhan dengfeng city forestry administration personnel, to the rock township Chen family obligation planting base to carry out in order to “prevention first, scientific prevention and control, governance according to law, and promote health” as the theme of the forestry harmful biological control publicity activities, field distributing brochures, notebooks, apron and other propaganda materials more than 300 copies of this activity has been the recognition and praise of the broad masses.(Source: Dengfeng People’s Government website) Read the hidden sidebar published date: 2022-02-20 11:09:45