Planning and construction of Changchun Line 9

2022-05-13 0 By

Recently, a local net user asked relevant departments when the construction of Changchun Line 9 will start and whether there is a specific schedule.The main line of the first phase of Changchun urban rail transit Airport Line starts from zhaojiagang East Station, the terminus of the east extension line of Line 2. The line is laid along East Jilin Road, Longshuang Road, Airport Road, Tonggang Road and Gangcheng Street.Through Lianhuashan North station, East lake town station, Longjia airport station, folk museum station, central square station, Jianlan Street station, stop at Jiutainan Station.Starts today, mainly for engineering preliminary indications such as work, the relevant departments under the joint efforts of the vigorously support and the contractors, there have been five worksite construction, respectively – between the lianhua BeiZhan District Zhao Jiagang station 1 #, 3 # shaft, between the lianhua north station, donghu town station elevated beam field, Long Jia airport station – folk GuanZhan interval wind Wells, 7 connecting passage.The first phase of the airport Line is expected to be open to traffic by the end of 2025 if the work of expropriation, expropriation and demolition goes smoothly.