Registration for the first half of 2022 Painting and Calligraphy Level examination by the Education Examination Institute of the Ministry of Education has begun

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Li Pengfeiwen May 2022 Painting and Calligraphy level examination started to register yesterday, the deadline for registration is April 8, the test time is May 21 to 22.Interested students of calligraphy and painting in Zhumadian city, calligraphy and painting enthusiasts, please complete the registration within the specified time, overdue can not be submitted again.Painting and calligraphy Grade Examination (CCPTA) is an evaluation system for the skill level, cultural accomplishment and aesthetic ability of all painting and calligraphy learners sponsored by the Education Examination Institute of the Ministry of Education. It is the only social examination of painting and calligraphy art organized and implemented by the Ministry of Education so far.Since the examination, the examination project has earnestly implemented the party and the country’s basic requirements for cultural education, adhere to the “moral education”, “guide teaching” and “promote aesthetic education” as the core function, adhere to aesthetic education, to cultural people.Through scientific, standardized and systematic training and evaluation, it emphasizes the promotion of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, the popularization of painting and calligraphy art, the promotion of advanced educational concepts, and the improvement of learners’ painting and calligraphy skills, creative ability, aesthetic ability and humanistic quality, so as to promote the all-round development of learners.Registered for: the majority of the society painting and calligraphy lovers, primary and secondary school students, painting and calligraphy art specialty students, college and technical college painting and calligraphy training instructors.Online registration (registration is required for the first time) Fill in the registration information select the registration site to pay the fee print the admission ticket to participate in the examination.Registration steps: Candidates log on the official website of the Ministry of Education calligraphy and Painting Grading examination — registration — selection — Henan Province — Zhumadian downtown test site — subject — level, (also opened: Runan County, Suiping County, Zhengyang County, Biyang County four county central test site), unknown matters can consult the municipal examination office at any time.Tel :18439670817 Miss Wang.