The watchman in the mountain

2022-05-13 0 By

The clock was still ticking, and the air was filled with joy.People are preparing for the coming New Year. The railway station is bustling with people with smiles on their faces. After a year on the road, they can finally return home and reunite with their loved ones., however, have so a group of people in our family reunion moment they are still in their own positions conscientiously, have house but can’t back because of various reasons such as work, and these are mostly migrant workers from remote mountainous areas, they are far from child father, displaced, it is difficult to go back many years, the left-behind children will become the focus of social attention.When we enjoy our parents’ care, they can only live with grandparents, staring at their parents’ photos in a daze every day, looking forward to one day to be able to reunite with them;When we still complain to our parents about all kinds of troubles, they have been able to carry a home alone.”Left-behind children” is a distressed group. It is conservatively estimated that there are 60 million left-behind children in China. What an amazing number!They will envy the swallows under the eaves, they will sit quietly, overlooking the distance, missing their parents, wondering if their parents thousands of miles away can also remember them.They are the watchmen of the mountain, and in their world all they do is wait and wait.When I went back to my hometown, I saw a lot of such children in the village, they were very young but did not meet the age of the mature, the neighbor girl borrowed a mobile phone to call her mother, I listened to the tender voice and asked her mother timidly when to come back, finally reluctant to part from the expression beside my red eyes.Little them, every day looking forward to the day mom and dad come back, count every day, when their parents come back, they cheer, do not come back when they secretly wipe tears, thin shoulders make people very distressed but very strong.There are many problems with left-behind children. As left-behind children are in the primary stage of socialization, they have superficial understanding of social phenomena and nature. In addition, children are in the period of youth and development, and their physique is not sound, so they are not able to protect themselves physically and psychologically.To solve this problem is a social systematic project, which requires the participation, close cooperation and cooperation of all sectors of the society.The government, family, school and society should be combined to jointly pay attention to and effectively solve the problem of left-behind children, so as to better promote the construction and development of a harmonious socialist society, so that the watchmen in the mountains will no longer fail to watch, so that they can have a happy time on the day when the family gets together.